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Archer & Olive | Best Planners For 2021

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We've been going through some of our favorite planners and stationery products to help you choose what you might like to use for 2021. Today we are sharing one of our favorite brands, Archer and Olive. We were so happy to be able to partner with Archer and Olive to bring you this review. We have been following this company’s progress for quite a while and couldn't wait to get some of their products in. Finally!!

Archer and Olive is a brand that we really admire. Bonnie, the owner has some of the best quality planners and bullet journals out there. And if you would like to know more about this company, we have a really great interview with Bonnie who is the owner and founder. She is one of those inspiring women that we look up to!

All of the designs for her stationery products and stickers are made from her own hand-painted creations so they are really quite special. If you love florals, you will really enjoy these stationery products.

Find Archer and Olive Products on Amazon. They sell out quite often, so if you see they are sold out, be sure to click 'notify me when these become available. Or you can visit our shop and take a closer look at all of the stationery products that we carry.

archer and olive stickers for planners

For this review, we are taking diving into the monthly planner as well as the dot grid notebooks.

archer and olive planner review

archer and olive planner review

We were pretty excited to get these in because we have a new series that we are working on, and the dotted journals are going to be used for some upcoming 'plan with us' videos. Stay tuned for that! We have a ton going on right on our YouTube channel. Please join us!

The planner community is a very tight community and these are the talk of the forums and groups that we are a part of. And one of the reasons is because of the 160gsm thick paper. These are some of the highest quality notebooks or journals that we have seen, and we see a lot here lol. So for those who love to draw, doodle and paint in your planners and journals, you will really enjoy these!

So this review is going to show you what types of supplies that you can use in these notebooks and dotted journals with minimal to no bleeding or ghosting.

archer and olive dot grid notebook review

The covers of these journals and notebooks have pretty florals and/or foil accents, and they feel really great. They have a strong elastic to hold everything together which is important, especially if you like to put bits of paper or projects notes that you are working on in them. 

This paper! It’s a crisp white so if you are into watercolors, this is going to allow your paints to show their true colors. And it’s super thick! This is definitely the dotted journal to grab if you like to paint and hand-letter. (We do!!)

We tested out several different products like watercolor paints, oils, Golden fluid acrylics, alcohol inks, copics and more to give you a true test of what these notebooks can do for you! We want you to know exactly which products will be best for these books in your creative journeys. (PS - All of these products are linked at the end of this review).

testing archer and olive dotted grid notebooks

The watercolor paints held up excellently! And so did the acrylic paints. There was no bleeding from the watercolor or acrylic paints at all, and the Wink of Stella shimmer pen was applied quite thick so you can definitely go ahead and use your watercolors in this book.

So basically, what our tests found is that anything water-based, will be ok with very little to no bleeding through or ghosting, but you might want to stay away from anything oil-based or alcohol-based. So for watercolorists and acrylic painters, this is going to hold up perfectly for you.

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Products Mentioned In The Video Review

Archer and Olive (sell out often!)

Wink Of Stella 

Watercolor Paints 

Golden Fluid Acrylics

Oil Paints



Distress Oxides 

Alcohol Inks 

Sharpie Paint Pens 

Krylon Gold Leafing Pen (see our review)

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