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Best Whipped Cream Dispenser

Having whipped cream on hand is really great as whipped cream can go on almost any dessert or hot drink, as well as many breakfast dishes such as crepes, pancakes and waffles. Whipped cream is also amazing in different cocktails like pina coladas!

You don't always have access to real homemade whipped cream if you don't have a whipped cream dispenser though.

That's why these kitchen tools are so handy. Simply keep your 35 or 36% whipping cream in the fridge and pop it into your dispenser for instant whipped cream any time. No need to get out your hand blender or stand mixer and make all those dishes.

Today we are going to take a closer look at the whipped cream dispenser from Otis Classic.

We are going to look at the body and components of the dispenser and then follow their recipe to make a beautiful maple whipped cream on some classic hot cocoa. You will also see how the whipped cream looks with each piping nozzle that comes with this whipped cream dispenser.

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Whipped Cream Dispenser Review: OTIS CLASSIC

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Review outline:

  • Whipped cream dispenser unboxing
  • Making maple whipped cream
  • Whipping cream chargers
  • Whipped cream dispenser nozzles

    Whipped cream dispenser unboxing

    First, let’s unbox the whipped cream dispenser.

    So this whipped cream dispenser is from Otis Classic. It is stainless steel so it is professional quality. It has 3 recipes suggestions, so after we unbox it we are going to make maple whipped cream, but it’s also great for mousses and cocktail infusions!

    *Keep in mind that you cannot use granulated sweeteners such as white sugar in a whipped cream dispenser.


    Whipped cream dispenser review


    In this whipped cream dispenser from Otis, you get:

    • the dispenser
    • 3 nozzles
    • a cleaning brush, as this is hand wash only
    • the charger holder
    • a storage cap so you can keep your whipped cream creations in the fridge in the container

    This Otis Classic whipped cream dispenser is actually made for the food service industry professionals like chefs or coffee baristas. It is made from stainless steel and feels heavy.

    All of the components are all stainless steel except for the storage cap, which is plastic. The cap actually doesn't come into contact with the whipped cream and it is quite small and is actually optional. You can leave the charger holder on the whipped cream dispenser if you choose, or, you can take it off and replace with the cap for easier storage in the fridge.

    It comes with instructions detailing how to use it, how to clean it, and tips. So we are going to follow these instructions and make some maple-infused whipped cream for a classic hot cocoa recipe.

    Let’s head into the kitchen!


    Maple whipped cream recipe on the dispenser box

    We are following the Otis Classic recipe and instructions for use. According to the box, we will need the following items to make maple whipped cream.

    Maple whipped cream ingredients:

    • 1 pint of fresh cream
    • 2 tbsp of pure maple syrup
    • a half teaspoon of vanilla extract
    • Hot cocoa ingredients: 1 tbsp each Fry's cocoa & sugar, 1 cup of milk

      Whipped cream dispenser recipe


      You are also going to need to purchase your whipped cream chargers separately

      The whipped cream chargers we used are available on Amazon, and we will talk more about those below the recipe.


      Maple whipped cream directions:

      1. Measure your whipping cream into a bowl.

      2. Add your Canadian maple syrup and vanilla.

        whipped cream dispenser

        Shop for pure maple syrup here

        Hot Cocoa Directions:

        1. Heat your milk on the stove and make your favorite hot chocolate or hot cocoa. For this, we are making a classic hot cocoa using Fry's pure cocoa powder and sugar with hot milk.

          Fry’s cocoa powder is our go-to for delicious, traditional hot cocoa. We are going to make this drink in our Bormioli Rocco glass mugs so you can see the hot cocoa and whipped cream right through the mug. These mugs are great because when you pour hot drinks into them, their handles stay cool!

          Shop for the Bormioli Rocco glass mugs here

        2. Measure about 1 tbsp each of cocoa powder and sugar and stir them together in your mug. Meanwhile, check your milk and take it off the heat right before it boils.

          TIP: Here’s a great trick to help blend your hot cocoa really well. Add a bit of hot milk, and stir really well. Once it looks smooth and chocolatey, add the rest of your milk and continue stirring.

          Whipping cream chargers

          In the meantime, here are the nitrous oxide chargers. Again, this whipped cream dispenser doesn’t actually comes with an n20 charger, so you can find these separately.

          We are using the Isi professional whipped cream chargers, and these come in a pack of 10, 24 or 50. These chargers are compatible with the Otis dispenser, and they fit perfectly in the charger holder.

          Whipped cream charger

          Shop for Isi whipped cream chargers here


          Adding maple whipped cream to the dispenser

          Pour your maple cream from the bowl into the whipped cream dispenser, and screw on the top or the head until it is tight.

          Next, you’re going to choose one of the three tips and screw it on. We will show you what each tip’s piping looks like a little further down in this article.

          Ok, time to load the charger! Insert your 8 gram ISI n2o cartridge into the charger, and then screw the charger on to the dispenser. You will know it is on right when you hear a hissing sound. That means it is loaded and ready for piping whipped cream.

          Whipped cream dispenser recipe

          Give your dispenser 4-8 vertical shakes for regular whipped cream. If you are using a low fat cream, shake it up to ten times.

          If the whipped cream comes out a bit watery, you can shake it a few more times. If you over shake it though, it will come out quite thick, so start off doing a lower number of shakes and dispensing to see how thick it is.


          Piping the whipped cream from the dispenser

          We are going to tip the nozzle pointing downwards and gently squeeze the lever. If you do not point it downwards, you may let air in which will affect the pressure inside the whipped cream dispenser, so it is important to keep it pointing down.

           Best whipped cream dispenser

           Whipped cream dispenser recipe

          And here it is! It looks amazing. We managed to pipe quite a bit of maple-infused whipped cream into this mug. And once you pipe your whipped cream, you can easily kick it up a notch by adding edible glitter, sprinkles or drizzling maple syrup all over it.

          We are going to decorate this cup of hot cocoa with some edible glitter by Wilton, which gives a dry, light dusting of edible sparkles onto anything. We are also going to add some soft pink sprinkles in different sizes.

          See everything topped on this maple whipped cream on our Whipped Cream Infusions Amazon storefront right here:

          Whipped Cream Infusions Amazon Storefront

          Best whipped cream dispenser

          Look how pretty this is!

          What a treat, and it was so easy to make. You can use any extra whipped cream on some fresh berries, or on any ice cream cake or drink, just take your charger off and place the cap on and keep it in the fridge.


          Whipped Cream Dispenser Nozzles

          Let’s take a quick look at the 3 tips you get with this dispenser. Each tip makes a different piping pattern for the whipped cream. Keep these tips in mind for the recipe you are planning on making. You may prefer a different tip if you are making a mousse or a cocktail infusion like a pina colada.

           Whipped cream dispenser piping nozzles

          We hope we helped you make a great purchasing decision today.

          Check price of Otis Classic Whipped Cream Dispenser on Amazon HERE


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          We will also leave a Pinterest pin for you below to pin to your kitchen tools or recipes Pinterest board!

          Whipped Cream Dispenser

          Have a delicious day!

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