How to make the BEST Vodka Martini

how to make a vodka martini

Here is how to make a classic vodka martini easy!

A vodka martini is one of the most luxurious and refreshing drinks to sip on. What is it about a martini that makes you feel like you just stepped out a James Bond movie?

The crisp aroma of the vodka paired with the delicious flavor of large ripe olives or a lemon peel is a combination that is made for each other.


how to make a vodka martini


Vodka martinis are just one of those clean-tasting classic drinks that so many people fall in love with the moment their lips touch the chilled martini glass.

These classic drinks are a simple cocktail which need to be made the right way. And with these easy steps, you will be enjoying every single delicious vodka martini sip in no time. One of the best things about a martini is that they always go with sweet treats like chocolate meringue cookies.


What is a classic vodka martini?

A classic vodka martini is made with vodka, dry vermouth and ice. The martini ingredients are chilled either by stirring them together or shaking them for no more than 10 seconds. A classic vodka martini is served straight up without ice. When making any kind of martini, always use a chilled martini glass for the best results.

You can experiment with a variety of vodka brands to get the vodka martini perfect for your own palette. That's the fun part! Everyone has their own version of what the best vodka martini is to them. It's very personal.


How To Make A Vodka Martini

how to make a vodka martini 


Before you start making a vodka martini, chill a glass.

The most important thing when making a vodka martini is to make sure the glass is super cold. Prepare the martini glass by filling it up with ice and adding some carbonated water. The bubbles in the carbonated water are really going to chill the glass quickly.

Or you can put the martini glasses into the freezer to chill. Do this before starting to make a vodka martini. You will want the chilled glass ready. A good martini must be very cold. The colder the martini is, the more enjoyable it is for sipping on.


Vodka Martini Ingredients:

    Vodka Martini Directions

    1. Fill a shaker halfway with ice. This will give you the perfect amount of dilution of the vodka and vermouth when shaking. Shaker sets can be purchased here on Amazon.

    2. Add to the ice 3 oz of vodka and 1/2 oz of vermouth.

    3. Shake the cocktail. You are going to shake for at least 10 seconds. The goal here is to get the vodka and vermouth extremely cold and dilute it slightly with the ice cubes.

    4. Using an alcohol strainer, strain the vodka martini mixture into the chilled glass. Make sure you have discarded the ice if you used it for chilling the glass.

    5. Finish the martini with the lemon peel or olives.


    how to make a vodka martini


    Vodka Martini Tips

    • You can make a dry vodka martini with less or no vermouth added.
    • You can make a wet martini by adding more vermouth but keep in mind that adding too much vermouth is not ideal for making a vodka martini.
    • You can make a dirty martini by adding a little bit of olive juice which clouds the drink slightly.
    • Shake the vodka and the vermouth no more than 10 seconds. Any longer will dilute the vodka too much.

      Experiment with different kinds of vodka

      There are so many varieties of vodka and vermouth with different flavor notes and crispness. Experiment with brands that you enjoy and love and then try some other vodka brands that you have never tried before. You might discover your new martini favorites!

      Everyone has different flavor profiles that they enjoy. There is one thing for certain, and that everyone considers their favorite blends the best way to make a martini! Eventually, you will make your own favorite version that you will be in love with.


      how to make a vodka martini


      What is the best vodka for a martini?

      When making a martini always start with the best vodka that you can afford. If you have never made a martini before, you might want to try a vodka that is on the lighter side.

      As you get used to the flavors, move on to a type of vodka that has a more profound flavor. That's one of the beautiful things about making a vodka martini. You can play around with different flavors and brands until you find a perfect combination that is just right for you.


      What is the best vermouth for a martini?

      Vermouth is a wine that is fortified with botanicals. Just like vodka, there are many brands of vermouth to choose from.

       If you are looking to make a classic vodka martini, then the best vermouth to use for this is a dryer vermouth as opposed to one that has more of a fruity or floral taste profile.

      You don't use very much vermouth in a classic vodka recipe. Some people even like to coat the glass with vermouth and that's all.


      What does a dry martini mean?

      A dry vodka martini has barely any vermouth in it. If you want a bone dry vodka martini, then use only two or three drops of vermouth.


      What tools do I need to make a martini?

      To make a vodka martini you will need to have some proper supplies on hand. You will need shakers, jiggers, and of course the martini glasses. Here are some cocktail supplies we have found on Amazon for you.

      Bartender kits on amazon

      Martini glasses on amazon

      Jiggers for measuring drinks on amazon


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      how to make a vodka martini

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