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How To Make A Martini | BEST Martini Recipe

how to make a martini

What is it about a martini that makes you feel like you just stepped out of the Luxe hotel on Rodeo drive. On a visit to LA a few years ago, I had a taste of my very first martini and I was hooked. Martinis are just one of the classic drinks that so many people love. Martinis are a simple cocktail, and when made the right way it is simply one of the most refreshing drinks that you and your guests can sip on.

There are many variations on how much vermouth to use for your martini. Keep in mind the dryer the martini, the less vermouth is in it.


how to make a martini

So how do you make a great martini?

  • You can make a dry martini with less or no vermouth
  • You can make a wet martini by adding more vermouth
  • You can make a dirty martini by adding olive juice which clouds the drink slightly
  • You can add actual olives and as many as you would like
  • You can garnish with a citrus peel to bring out that flavor note

Since there are so many varieties of gin and vermouth with different flavor notes, you will have to experiment with the best flavors for your own palette. Everyone has different flavor profiles and tastes and considers their favorite blends the best way to make a martini.


  • Ice
  • 2 1/2 oz gin
  • 1 oz vermouth
  • Green olives and/or a lemon peel for a garnish. If you are using a gin with citrus notes, then use a lemon. For everything else, use olives.

Before starting to make your martini, chill your martini glass. Prepare your martini glass by filling it up with ice. Or you can put your martini glasses into the freezer to chill before starting to make your martini. A good martini must be very cold. The colder the martini is, the more enjoyable it is for sipping.



1. Fill a large mixing glass with ice.

2. Add to the ice 2 1/2 oz of gin and 1 oz of vermouth.

3. Stir the cocktail. You are going to stir for at least 30 seconds. The goal here is to get the gin and vermouth extremely cold and dilute it slightly.

4. Using an alcohol strainer, strain the mixture into your chilled glass.

5. Finish your martini with olives or lemon peel.

how to make a classic martini

how to make a classic martini

What is in a martini?

A classic martini is made with gin, dry vermouth (or French vermouth). Gin and vermouth have a nice crisp flavor with a smooth finish. Many people like to use Vodka to make a martini and that's ok. Try making martinis with different kinds of gin and vermouth so that you can find your own personal preference and taste for your martini.

You can experiment with a variety of brands. That's the fun part!

best martini recipe

What is the best gin for a martini?

Gin comes in many flavors and tastes. When making a martini always start with the best gin possible. If you have never made a martini before, you might want to try a gin that is on the lighter side. As you get used to the flavors, move on to a gin that has a more profound flavor or fragrance. That's one of the beautiful things about making a martini. You can play around with flavors until you find a perfect combination that is right for you.

What is the best vermouth for a martini?

Vermouth is a fortified wine that is fortified with botanicals. There are many brands of vermouth out there but if you are looking to make a classic martini, then the best vermouth to use for this is a dryer vermouth as opposed to one that has more of a fruity or floral taste profile. Some people even like to use a sweet vermouth if you like the more floral notes.

What does a dry martini mean?

A dry martini has quite a bit more gin than vermouth. If you want a bone dry martini, then use very little to no vermouth.

What do I need to make a martini?

To make a martini you will need to have some proper supplies on hand. You will need mixing glasses, a long bar spoon, jiggers in several different sizes. You can purchase a whole kit that has everything you need. Or you can purchase separately.


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how to make a martini 

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