5 Best Piping & Icing Tip Sets For Decorating [2024]

best icing tip sets for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and cookies

Here are the best piping and decorating sets for your baked goods. Decorating cakes, cupcakes, and cookies is such an enjoyable way to spend a morning or afternoon. There is nothing quite like the aroma of baked goods is there? Yum!  And it’s so much fun to decorate your tasty treats with different piping tips and nozzles.

With so many different kinds of piping tips available, the decorating possibilities are endless, aren’t they? The best piping tip sets will provide you with precision and everything you need to make your baked goods look amazing, heck, even with one single piping nozzle you can decorate and pipe in so many different ways.

There's a lot of companies that make piping tips so there are a ton to choose from. And we have put together this guide to help you choose from these sets below, which have the best feedback and highest star ratings. These piping sets that made our list have a good variety of different nozzles to choose from. So if you are wanting to make beautiful flowers, grassy designs or just a thick cupcake swirl, these icing tips will have you covered.


Best Icing Tip Sets

1. Kootek 42 Piece Icing Set

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This piping tip set is a great starter set and has everything you need to decorate cakes, cookies, and other pastries. This set also comes with extras including some reusable silicone piping bags, a flower lifter tool and a brush. This piping set also comes with an icing pen that’s great for writing and adding other fine details.

The storage case will keep everything neat and tidy too. It has 30 different patterned icing tips including round, grass, open star, drop flower, leaf, rose, and many many more. The stainless steel piping nozzles are dishwasher safe. Keep in mind that the tips are not numbered so if you are following a tutorial, you will have to figure out the right sizes on your own.


best piping tip sets

2. Russian Style Piping Tips

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Here they are folks, the famous Russian piping tips! This amazing set has everything you need to decorate cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and cookies. This piping set has been featured all over the place lately and is one of our favorite tip sets.

These tips are made from stainless steel and very good quality. You will be creating gorgeous floral masterpieces in no time at all! Keep in mind that the box that it comes in is not really made to be a storage box so you might want to pick up a storage container like these ones here on Amazon to keep this set in.


best piping tip sets


3. 117 Piece Decorating Set

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This cake decorating set comes with 117 pieces. This includes decorating tools like a turn table, the icing tips, angled spatula, decorating brush, flower lifter and more. This piping set comes with an array of piping tips like round tips, leaf tips, petal tips, French tips, basket weave, open star and a ton more.

This piping set be such a great gift idea for someone who is just getting into decorating because it comes with everything they will need to get started decorating right away.


best piping tip sets


4. Wilton Master Decorating Tips

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This professional decorating set comes with 55 pieces with an assortment of round, star, petal, and leaf tips. You will be ready to decorate for any occasion with the versatility you need for any finishing touches to your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.

Made with stainless steel, this set also comes with a nice case to keep everything organized for you. 


best piping tip sets


5. Arteco 55 Piece Set

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This professional set by Arteco comes with stainless steel tips, a coupler, flower nails, and decorating tubes. This selection makes it a great piping tip set for cupcakes or cookies. It includes instructions and also a nice storage container to keep all of your piping tips organized and easy to find. This set comes with all of the standard tips as well as some fancy ones.

The brush is a nice bonus to help keep your tips nice and clean. If you are just getting started, or a professional that needs extra tips in their collection then this set might be exactly what you are looking for.


best piping tip sets


If anything on our list is sold out, you can check  Amazon's top-selling piping sets right here.



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best icing decorating sets and tips

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