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Best Way To Clean KitchenAid Pasta Attachments

how to clean KitchenAid pasta attachments

Here’s how to keep your pasta roller and other pasta making KitchenAid mixer accessories in top shape and how to clean the pasta attachments.

Investing in really good quality kitchen equipment can be costly. So it's good practice to look after your pasta accessories to keep them at their best year after year. Did you know that KitchenAid has over 50 accessories and 16 universal attachments for different types of mixers and small appliances? I have 6 or 7 that I use all the time like the wire whip and the dough hook which I clean with just soap and water. You never want to get wet or soak pasta attachments in water.

Some of the attachments are easier to clean than others. Sometimes all they need is just a quick brushing off and you are good to go. Other times, your KitchenAid attachments need some deeper cleaning and maintenance. The pasta attachment and cutter set is what I’m going to talk about today because my family makes fresh pasta often and these particular attachments need some extra TLC. 


1. Let your pasta attachment completely air dry after use. If you start with the right consistency of pasta and make sure it's not too wet to begin with, you won't have any trouble keeping these attachments clean. Your pasta attachments should not be accumulating a lot of wet dough bits and if they are, your dough is way too wet.

2. Never use water on metal pasta attachments. You will never be able to dry them properly and they will rust. Some people try to wash their pasta attachments with soapy water and then dry them in the oven. That is not recommended at all. So even if you have extra pasta bits sticking inside and on the outside, don’t soak it!

3. Never put the pasta attachments into the dishwasher. Even if you are tempted to give them a good cleaning. Again, water will get into parts and that will damage your machine.

4. Gently tap on the pasta accessory while holding upside down. This will loosen up the dried pasta bits. If the pasta was too wet, it might stick way inside the attachment. But whatever you do, don’t use water. Just let it dry (even overnight) and then gently try to tap out the pasta bits as best you can.

5. Use a hard bristle brush to remove the bits of pasta. So if the stubborn pasta bits don't come out after tapping on the attachment, try this. After your attachments have been sitting for at least an hour and the dough bits are dry and hard, you can now go ahead and remove the little bits with a bristle brush. There's a lot of brushes to choose from here on Amazon.

6. Use a toothpick or a skewer to get the really stubborn bits out. If pasta bits and pieces are still not coming out, you can use a toothpick or a skewer to try to get them out. Never use a knife or any other sharp objects. You will risk getting cut and this will damage and scar your attachment.

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7. Polish with a dry microfiber cloth. I like to keep my appliances nice and shiny! The best way to keep your KitchenAid pasta attachments looking their best is to shine them up with a soft cloth before putting them away. 

8. Lubricate your pasta attachments with light mineral oil. Once a year, or after about 50 uses, check on your attachments and see if they need a bit of lubrication. Kitchenaid recommends using a light mineral oil. Add one drop to the far corners of the rollers or cutters to lubricate. If you use your pasta attachments often, they may need some re-greasing a bit sooner. If you notice strange sounds or you can tell things are not quite right with how the attachment is performing you might need to re-lube. 

9. Store your attachments in a safe place. Either use the box that they came in to keep them dust free, or use a large storage container that is clear so you can put it in your pantry and see exactly what's inside.


storage contains for KitchenAid accessories

If you are into making your pasta from scratch, these mixer accessories below (pasta roller and cutter for spaghetti and fettuccine) really help save so much time and completely fun to use too!

For years we have made our own pasta from scratch and I love how convenient and fast I can whip up a batch of pasta noodles using the KitchenAid pasta attachments. When you are cooking for more than 3 people, it comes in super handy.


KitchenAid pasta Pasta Roller and cutter for Spaghetti and Fettuccine

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I hope you found this article helpful and it helps you keep your KitchenAid attachments clean and in great condition for years to come. If you would like to share this, please Pin it to Pinterest!

how to clean KitchenAid pasta accessories

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