8 BEST Embossed Rolling Pins [2024]

Embossed Rolling Pins

Embossed rolling pins are a kitchen tool that add a bit of magic to your baking.

They are especially loved at Christmas time when you are making baking and sugar cookies.

Once you try an embossed rolling pin for the first time, you will want to grow that collection.

The good news is that embossed rolling pins can be purchased easily and in many different designs.

There are embossed rolling pins for every holiday and season, and we are going to share some of the best we can find.


Embossed Rolling Pins

You can find embossed rolling pins all over the internet, but you want to make a good purchasing decision by buying rolling pins with deep enough etching and ones that come with high customer reviews.

Here they are.


1. Paisley Embossed Rolling Pin

Check price here

This paisley style embossed wooden rolling pin features a popular design that is good for the Christmas season or for anytime.

The whimsical paisley pattern etched throughout the wood  would be beautiful on any cookie shape.

Embossed Rolling Pins


This is a pattern that we often use. You may see these exact embossed rolling pins featured on our website and YouTube channel.


Embossed Rolling Pins


2. Christmas Embossed Rolling Pins

Check price here

Here is a Christmas-themed embossed rolling pin from Amazon. This rolling pin features a reindeer embossed pattern with little Christmas trees.

This is a versatile pattern that would look great on shortbread or gingerbread cookies.


Christmas Embossed Rolling Pin


3. Embossed Rolling Pins With Pet Patterns

Check prices and patterns here

If you are into making cute treats for your pet, or you want to enjoy some pet themed cookies, here is the selection of pet patterned embossed rolling pins from Amazon.


Pet Pattern Embossed Rolling Pin


These embossed rolling pins feature cats, dogs, paw prints and fun pet-themed designs. These would be especially great if you make and sell your own handmade pet treats.


4. Individual Cookie Pattern Embossed Rolling Pin

Check price here

These embossed rolling pins by Pastry Made are great for anytime you don't have cookie cutters.

You can roll these cookie patterns onto your cookie dough, and use a knife to cut out the patterns into their own individual cookies.


Embossed Rolling Pin


What is really nice about doing it this way, is that there is no wasted dough that you have to re-roll out.

Every time you have to roll your dough out again,  you are incorporating more and more flour into the dough, making it drier and drier as you go because you are doing so on a floured surface.


5. Character Embossed Rolling Pins

Check price here


Embossed Rolling Pin

Here is another pattern feature that is whimsical in nature and leaves gorgeous patterns in your baking. This pattern is especially fun for the kids! Make these Frozen-inspired cookies with this beautiful embossed rolling pin.

Be sure to check out all of the other embossed rolling pin designs from this shop as well including Star Wars embossed rolling pins and more!


6. Personalized Embossed Rolling Pins

Check price on Etsy here

Can you imagine making your Christmas cookies with special messages embossed right in the dough? You can personalize anything and make it stand out.


Embossed Rolling Pins

These embossed rolling pins would make the cutest gifts. Imagine making a box of cookies for someone and sticking a few cookies in that have "made with love by" with your name in them! What a nice idea.


7. Flower Designs Embossed Rolling Pins

Check price on Etsy here

Flower Embossed Rolling Pins

If you are into spring cookies and pie shells or just love flower patterns, you will want to check out the selection of flower embossed rolling pins by Dough Roller on Etsy.

The flowers vary from roses to whimsical flower patterns to hibiscus and beyond.


8. Silicone Embossed Rolling Pins

Check price here

Embossed Rolling Pin Set

It is also good to check out the silicone based embossed rolling pins. Here is a set of 8 from Amazon for a really great price.

These embossed rolling pins are great to have on hand if you are planning on using these with a salt dough or play dough as they can easily be washed. It is also a great starter set tp play with if you want to try a variety of embossed rolling patterns.


We hope you found some really beautiful and unique embossed rolling pins to try out!

Be sure to pin or bookmark this page to find it again as we will keep it updated when there are some new designs that come out.

Here is a pin for you to save:

Embossed Rolling Pins

Happy baking!

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