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Best Hamburger Making Tips | Juicy, Tasty Hamburger Patties

BEST Hamburger Making Tips

Hamburgers are a delicious, staple food that everyone loves. They are an all American, classic bbq recipe and getting them right can be super easy. All you need is the right combination of ingredients to get your hamburgers perfect. The good news is that almost anything will go with a tasty hamburger recipe. And we are going to give you our best hamburger making tips for getting the juiciest, tastiest homemade hamburgers you can possibly get.

So, you may or may not be aware that there is some hamburger controversy out there. Should you add your meat to  other ingredients when making hamburgers or leave the hamburger meat unblended? We will talk about that and more.

Welcome to the BEST hamburger making tips to get the juiciest, most flavorful hamburgers!


Hamburger Recipe Tips

Hamburger Making Tip 1: Use Ground Beef And Pork

This first hamburger making tip is an essential one if you are looking for juicy hamburgers.

  • Adding ground pork to ground beef adds that fat content that a good hamburger needs
  • If you see our base hamburger patty recipe, you will notice that half of the meat content is ground pork. This is to make that juicy texture and perfect consistency.

Hamburger Making Tip 2: Infuse Hamburger Meat With Aromatics

Let's address the hamburger controversy right here and now by saying, mixing your hamburger meat with anything when making hamburgers is a matter of preference.

Some people prefer pure meat hamburgers and say that adding anything to your hamburger meat makes it meatloaf. We have to disagree and say, to each their own! However, in saying that, we have never been asked more for our hamburger patty recipe. It is the most popular recipe on our blog and has raving reviews, so we say, you can be the judge.

Adding aromatics to your ground beef and ground pork for hamburger patties infuses and seasons your hamburger meat with delicious, mouth-watering flavor that can't be beat. We add onions and garlic right away to the meat to let those flavors totally blend with our meat. It is what makes someone ask "what is that flavor?" when they take their first juicy bite. Get the hamburger recipe here.

Hamburger Recipe BBQ

Hamburger Making Tip 3: Give Your Hamburger Meat Resting Time

You might notice in our best hamburger patty recipe, we advise to let the meat rest in the fridge after the aromatics and some other ingredients are added. This is to really let those flavors infuse into the meat. We say to cover the meat with saran wrap and let sit in the fridge for 3-6 hours if you have time to, and this makes a big difference in the flavor of your homemade hamburger patties.

Hamburger Making Tip 4: Press Your Thumb Into The Middle Of Your Hamburgers

Hamburger Making Tips

Hamburgers tend to pull together in the middle as they heat up and cook, creating a plumped up center. To anticipate this, we recommend either pressing the formed hamburger patty down in the middle or just simply pressing your thumb into the hamburger patty to leave an anticipatory indent in the meat.

Hamburger Making Tip 5: Add The Secret Ingredient

There is one secret ingredient that you can add to ANY homemade hamburger. This secret hamburger ingredient will add to the texture of the burger and will have your guests wondering what is so satisfying about that first bite. The secret ingredient? Potato chips! Yes, you heard me right! Adding a few potato chips to your finished hamburger once it is in the bun will add a pop of crunch to your juicy burger that is so satisfying. We dare you to try it.

Hamburger Recipe Tips

And there you have the 5 BEST hamburger making tips to get the flavor of your hamburger mouth watering, the texture of your hamburger perfect and the shape and serving of your hamburger to be just as amazing.

Be sure to Pin these best hamburger making tips to your Pinterest board, these tips can be applied to any homemade hamburger, but we hope you try our amazing homemade hamburger recipe here.

We will even post the YouTube video of this recipe below for you as well. Be sure to hit "subscribe"!


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