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The BEST Christmas Baking Tools You Never Knew You NEEDED in 2020

The best Christmas baking tools

If baking is your thing, now is the time to rev up your aprons!

Christmas baking season is almost upon us, and it is a time where you can make all of your old, favorite Christmas recipes and add some fun, new flair to them!

Meet our top ten list of the best Christmas baking tools. Use these to enhance your Christmas cookies or change up your Christmas desserts! Kick your Christmas baking up a notch. These items are sure to wow your family and friends and are great to use if you are looking for ideas for the next Christmas party. I'm telling you. You won't be disappointed!

These Are The BEST Christmas Baking Tools

The best Christmas baking tools

1) A Christmas Embossed Rolling Pin

Transform your Christmas baking in a way that will have all of your family and friends oohing and ahhing over how gorgeous your Christmas cookies, shortbread and ginger cookies look! Use your favorite Christmas cookie recipe and roll out your dough with your regular rolling pin.

Once you have the desired thickness and you are ready to use those cute Christmas cookie cutters, go over your cookie dough just once with an embossed rolling pin. And there are so many to choose from!

These Christmas patterns are going to give you all the feels! And, can you imagine using this on a pie shell??? My 'mom brain' is also going off, thinking about how my kids would love this for their play-doh. I love a tool with so many diverse uses!!

The best Christmas baking tools


2) Russian Christmas Piping Tips

Who knew these Russian Christmas piping tips could be so magical? I have never been so mesmerized with a baking tool! These are fantastic if you are looking for a Christmas cake decorating tool, or if you like to ice your Christmas cookies. Pipe out actual snowflakes, candy canes, and Christmas trees! You'll have to see these to understand why we are so excited. Our hearts just grew three sizes!

The best Christmas baking tools

3) Christmas Cookie Stencils

These Christmas stencils are great for stenciling icing on top of your Christmas cookies... But... I also really love the idea of using these and sprinkling icing sugar through a sifter over them for a gorgeous snow-like feel for your Christmas cookies!

Icing sugar shows up super well on a dark Christmas cookie, such as gingerbread, or chocolate cookies. But if you are into sugar cookies, butter cookies or snickerdoodles, try sprinkling cocoa powder or a mixture of cinnamon-nutmeg on top of the stencil! (just go easy if using the cinnamon mix).

These are also great for making a super cute cinnamon or cocoa powder design on any of your Christmas baking, or on whipped cream-topped drinks such as hot chocolate or a foamy latte!

The best Christmas baking tools

4) Gingerbread House Baking Mold

I love gingerbread cookies and gingerbread houses, and decorating a gingerbread house during the Christmas season has become a treasured family tradition in my home.

I have never truly been a huge fan of buying a gingerbread house from the box though. I prefer a homemade gingerbread cookie house, and these gingerbread house molds will allow you to make your own from scratch! Although, I don't know how long this beautiful house would stick around for, with the scent of fresh gingerbread cookies decking the halls. YUM!

The best Christmas baking tools

5) A Christmas Apron

How adorable is this Christmas apron?? There are a ton to choose from if you click that link I listed for you. The Mrs. Claus one (pictured) is my absolute favorite!! I would totally wear it any time that called for Christmas baking or Christmas cooking, even while playing my very favorite Christmas songs and singing quite loudly (I may love Christmas)

The best Christmas baking tools


6) A Chocolate Fountain Tool

Having a party? One word to make it successful, any time of the year. Chocolate!!! This handy tool can serve as a gorgeous chocolate centerpiece as well as function as the best dessert ever! You can easily rent a chocolate fountain, but when you can buy a professional chocolate fountain by Wilton at this price, why would you?

These are great for entertaining, for parties, birthdays, special breakfasts, dessert bars, weddings, anniversaries and any other occasion you can think of!

Chocolate = Always a party favorite and a show-stopper. Dress your table to impress!!!

The best Christmas baking tools

7) 3D Christmas Cookie Cutters

A cute twist on a Christmas classic! These Christmas cookies get magically brought to life as you put them together like puzzle pieces and stand them up! Use these on your favorite sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies, and get creative!!!

There are a few takes on the 3D Christmas cookie, but I personally find these Stand Up 3D Christmas Cookie Cutters to be absolutely adorable. You might even consider putting these on top of a Christmas cake! (Yes, I am suggesting you top a cake with cookies, you read that right!)

The best Christmas baking tools

I also love this 3D Christmas Cookie Tree and think it would be a great addition to the chocolate fountain we listed above for an edible centerpiece! Imagine your chocolate fountain with these 3D Christmas cookie trees all around it, maybe sprinkled lightly with some icing sugar through a sifter for a snowy setting... wow, this would make a beautiful, edible table display!

Imagine taking piece by piece apart from this Christmas cookie tree to dip in the chocolate fountain... Mmmm. Chocolate-covered sugar cookies.... I'm done, you guys. But honestly, you had me at cookie

The best Christmas baking tools

8) A Lattice Cutter For Bakers

A lattice cutter should definitely be a part of your kitchen tool family. This gadget is so neat, and this is not just a Christmas baking tool! If you are a pie-maker, a pizza maker or an all-around baking aficionado, check this one out!

After you roll out your pie dough, roll this little tool over it to create a lattice pattern. Gently pull the dough apart, and voila! Perfect lattice! And you can go kitchen-craft wild on this one... My mind is already going to putting a lattice on top of a pizza for a panarotti style dinner! Anything that you would put dough on top of, you could kick it up a notch with this latticing device. Think about it. Mini pies, salmon wellington, quiche, beef wellington or even roll it out thick, cut into long strips and bake for basket woven-like, delicate breadsticks! The possibilities are endless, and this will definitely add the wow factor to any meal or dessert involving pastry dough!

The best Christmas baking tools

9) Christmas Paper Straws

Plastic straws are being banned by a growing number of companies and restaurants. Even towns and cities are banning the use of plastic straws. It is a huge environmental movement that we at DIY Craft Club are totally behind. You can be part of this movement by doing the same thing, and introducing your family, friends, and guests to 100% biodegradable, ECO-friendly paper straws which, in my personal opinion, are so much more visually appealing anyways! And at these prices, how can you not? Plus, they look just like candy canes!

If you are throwing any kind of Christmas party or are doing some Christmas entertaining, get some different sized glasses such as wine glasses, tall drinking glasses, and champagne glasses and just leave the straws in them as functional Christmas decorations. Place them in and around other glasses filled with other things such as mini-marshmallows or pomegranate seeds for the looks of it!

The best Christmas baking tools


10) Christmas Molds For Party Ice

Whenever I am entertaining, one thing I love to do for that added touch is decorative party ice cubes. It is such a small thing you can do to add flair to a drink, and you can literally make them weeks ahead of time! Start by finding a really cute ice cube mold. At Christmastime, I love these ones, they are fantastic for a Christmas party!

Now, some tricks for getting really clear ice cubes:

1) Use distilled water

2) Boil the water. Not once, but twice! Boil the water, let it cool and then boil again. Once the water cools a second time, pour into your fancy ice cube molds.

Now, add your flair. Winter flair can include putting a cranberry (or two or three) into an ice cube. In other ice cubes, you can put a clean mint leaf or two or pomegranate seeds! You can add anything that would be safe to drink after melting (and something that compliments that drink). You are really limited only by your imagination!

I love this trick and keep party ice in my freezer all the time, labeled in bags. In the summer, I also use mint in my party ice, but I also make lemon ice, lime ice, and grapefruit ice! I have even done edible flowers :)

The best Christmas baking tools

These molds are silicone, so they are safe to freeze or bake, so you can also use them as cake molds or cookie molds for holiday-inspired treats as well! You could also use these as soap or candle molds, just make sure everything is properly cleaned to make them food safe again!

Recipe Gifts

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We hope you were totally inspired to try your hand at some new Christmas baking ideas with our Christmas baking list! We were super excited with so many of these items, I think we will be making and baking up some new Christmas traditions of our own :)

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Be sure to share what you have made with us at DIY Craft Club! We would love to hear some new ways that you have used these items! And if you loved this post as much as we did, be sure to pin it!

The best Christmas baking tools

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