19 Expert Tips To Choosing A Wedding Dress [2024]

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Here are the best tips when choosing a wedding dress. Planning a wedding is an exciting time. Wedding dress shopping is particularly fun because it sets the tone of your wedding day.

It's important to remember that wedding dresses come in all shapes, sizes and styles so you don't have to settle for anything when it comes to the perfect wedding dress for your special day.

When looking for the best wedding dress, you should start by getting an idea of what type of silhouette will fit you best. Spend time researching different styles and colors of wedding dresses to help narrow down your search criteria.

how to choose your wedding dress tips

Try on and gather together photos of as many wedding gowns as you can and follow your heart. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone, but also don’t be swayed by sales personnel or influencers who may not have the same vision for your perfect wedding day look.

Let's go through these tips together to find the wedding dress of your dreams.

How To Choose A Wedding Dress

1. Set a budget and stick to it.

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When selecting wedding dresses, identify the amount of money you are willing to spend ahead of time. One wedding dress shopping tip is to set a budget and stick to it when choosing a wedding dress.

It's easy to get swept away by all the beautiful dresses but avoid getting caught up in wedding fever and overspending.

Setting a budget means that you can avoid any unnecessary financial strain on such an important day.

Be realistic about what you can afford and find that perfect wedding dress within your price range.

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2. Choose a wedding dress that fits your wedding theme.

Your wedding day is one of the most meaningful days of your life and your wedding dress is one of the most memorable features. Therefore, it’s essential that you select a wedding dress that not only expresses your style and taste, but also complements the theme of your wedding.

You will be picking out a totally different look if you’re going for a classic, romantic look or a modern, quirky vibe.

Selecting a wedding dress that enhances the tone and atmosphere of the wedding is an easy way to make sure your big day stands out from the rest.

how to choose your wedding dress tips

3. Do research on different wedding dress designs.

Research on wedding dress designs will not only save time, but also lift your spirits with wedding-related excitement and romance.

You'll know exactly what kind of wedding dress fits your style and personality, as well as help create the wedding look and feel that you envision for yourself. 

Before setting out for shopping try to narrow down what you want for your wedding day look. This doesn't mean that you can try on other styles, and we will talk about that more below.

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 how to choose your wedding dress tips

4. Look for wedding dresses with unique details.

Your wedding dress should be as unique and special as your love story. Shopping for wedding dresses with some interesting details can make the day even more memorable and romantic.

Not only will it give you a stunning look on your wedding day, but it also adds an oomph to the entire wedding celebration.

With the right wedding dress, you can bring out your own beauty and fashion sense, as well as complement the wedding theme you’ve chosen.

From ruffles to embroidery to corsets - each detail that comes from searching for wedding dresses with unique details could add up to create a look that is truly timeless and gorgeous.

If you are looking for a unique design, check out our list of the best wedding dress shops on Etsy.

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5. Don’t forget about comfort when choosing a wedding dress.

While considering wedding tips, don’t forget how imperative comfort can be when selecting your wedding dress. Choose something that makes you feel beautiful yet still allows you to move easily throughout the wedding festivities.

Tasteful but also accommodating of dancing through the night with your beloved, twirling with your friends, hugging family members and ultimately uniting as partners in life. Select materials that breathe easily and move comfortably with you.

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6. Consider a wedding dress that will flatter your body type.

On the wedding day, all eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle. A fantastic wedding dress will compliment the shape and curves of your body.

This is why wedding dress shopping should take into account not only style but also fit.

Choosing a wedding dress that flatters you and makes you feel confident will result in a wedding gown made especially for you and will ensure a flawless silhouette on your wedding day.

choosing a wedding dress tips

7. Think about colors when searching for wedding dresses.

Opt for a wedding dress shade that complements your skin tone, as well as fits beautifully with your wedding colors. 

Choosing a wedding dress color is not only incredibly romantic but adds a beautiful dimension to wedding pictures and memories that each couple cherishes forever.

Color is definitely one of the first considerations when trying to find your perfect wedding day look. Write down all of the color ideas in your planner so you can start to narrow things down. Your dress should also go with the colors of your bridal bouquet.

how to choose a wedding dress

8. What season is your wedding?

When selecting wedding dresses, take into account the season in which you’ll be getting married - look for fabrics like chiffon or organza that are light and airy to keep you cool during summer months, while heavier fabrics such as velvet or satin will help keep you warm during colder months.

We have a fantastic article about spring wedding dress ideas for those who are having a wedding in spring.

best wedding dresses for the seasons

9. Choose the right accessories.

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Choose wedding dress accessories that will enhance your wedding dress, such as a veil, headpiece, jewelry and shoes. Even what to wear underneath a wedding dress is very important.

When wedding dress shopping, brides should take their time and consider every aspect of their wedding ensemble - from jewelry to shoes and veil or headpiece.

It’s essential to take into account the overall look, so that everything creates one beautiful and romantic wedding vision. Nothing can detract from the beauty of a wedding dress more than the wrong accessories.

With careful thought and selection, brides can accessorize in such a way that all the pieces come together to create an exquisite moment in time and become part of a timeless memory on her special day. And sometimes less is more when it comes to the extras.

tips for wedding dress shopping

10. Shop around for wedding dresses at different stores and websites.

Here are some places to start looking for wedding dresses online:

11. Ask your friends or family members to come shopping with you.

They can offer helpful advice on wedding dress styles and colors that may be flattering to you. Asking your friends and family members to come along with you for wedding dress shopping is an important gesture that will bring everyone closer together in anticipation for the wedding day.

With different opinions from all your loved ones, it’ll be easier to choose the wedding dress that will make you feel like royalty on the big day. Plus, who doesn’t love spending quality time with friends and family?

Fortunately, wedding dress shopping is one of those memorable experiences you can share with those closest to you.

how to choose a wedding dress 

12. Consider renting a wedding dress.

If you are hoping for a wedding dress that is a little out-of-the-ordinary or if you want couture elegance but lack the budget to afford it, renting may be an option worth considering.

With a wedding dress rental service, you can explore an array of styles and designer wedding dresses right at your fingertips - often at surprisingly affordable prices.

choosing the best wedding dresses

13. Choose a wedding dress that is timeless.

Pick wedding dress designs that will never go out of style so you can look back fondly on your wedding pictures in years to come. After all, a wedding dress should represent the bride's unique style for many years to come, even if it's been tucked away in a wedding preservation box.

It makes all the difference in wedding photos and video as well, providing something truly special and dramatic on your special day.

Especially when combined with pieces of wedding jewelry or your significant other's attire from decades prior.

The right timeless wedding ensemble can create unforgettable happy memories for generations.

choosing the best wedding dress tips

14. Look for well made wedding dresses.

When it comes to wedding dresses, there's no greater gift than finding a gorgeous, well-made gown that shows off the best of your beauty. After all, it's your wedding day.

Consider the wedding dress an investment in memories; it should make you look and feel beautiful throughout your entire wedding ceremony. You'll have pictures spanning generations that will show your wedding look in all its glory.

To get the most out of this investment, take time to find wedding tips from reliable sources. Don't settle for anything less than perfection when shopping for wedding dresses - seek out the very best quality for your budget.

ieie is a top selling wedding dress shop to find something special and romantic for your wedding day.

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well made wedding dresses

15. Photograph yourself in wedding dresses you’ve tried on.

Taking wedding photos of yourself in wedding dresses you’ve tried on may just be the most romantic and special thing you do for planning your wedding day.

Not only does it provide a fun activity to share with your bridal party, it also makes wedding dress shopping a keepsake to look back on after the wedding day has come and gone.

how to pick the right wedding dress

Photographing yourself in wedding dresses also brings a more realistic element to wedding dress shopping. Seeing yourself in pictures will give you an indication as to whether or not that dress is truly “the one” and will be the best choice for making memories especial on your wedding day.

Remember that photographs capture moments you can look back on with fondness. Photos will help you remember which wedding dress styles looked best on you.

16. Try wedding dresses that are different than what you expect.

Sometimes the wedding dress of your dreams will be nothing like the one in the picture. Trying on wedding dresses that are different than what you expect can be a magical experience!.

Go ahead and discover all the wedding dress possibilities out there, as the perfect wedding dress could be one that least expected it. We have a list of some fantastic Etsy wedding shops who offer unique wedding supplies and dresses.

During wedding planning, moments of surprise and delight like these open up avenues that weren't thought of before and make the wedding planning process even more special.

picking out a wedding dress tips

Each time you try on a wedding dress that is different from your expectations, you unlock a bit more of your bridal style, allowing for fashion-forward nuptials that go beyond expectations.

So when wedding planning and dress shopping, have some fun with it by trying gowns that take you off the path of the expected. You'll never know where those roads lead unless you try them.

17. Think about the location of your wedding.

When selecting wedding dresses, the location is very important. If the ceremony is outdoors, select a wedding dress with lightweight fabric and lighter colors for the dress so it won’t be too hot or uncomfortable throughout the event.

The wedding venue can really help determine what wedding dress would look best on you. Beach wedding dresses can be made from wind-swept fabrics with billowing skirts and airy chiffon.

choosing a wedding dress best tips

For mountain getaways, rustic wedding gowns with delicate lace accents and beautiful beading fit perfectly into the natural setting.

A glamorous wedding in an urban area may be the perfect chance to don an ornate wedding gown with sparkling embroidery or mirrored embellishments reflecting the dazzling lights of the cityscape.

The location of your wedding has so much to say about your wedding dress choice—take it into consideration when selecting your wedding venue to make sure your special day is just as unique and stunning as you.

18. Consider a wedding dress with detachable pieces.

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If you are on a budget and want to stay in the same dress all day and night then you might want to shops for a convertible dress.

Knowing how to style a wedding dress so that you can be comfortable throughout the entire day without compromising on beauty or integrity of the outfit can be tricky - but not impossible.

picking out the best wedding dresses tips

Thanks to wedding dresses with detachable pieces, brides-to-be have more options than ever before. With these pieces you can take your wedding look from ceremony-ready chic to wedding reception glamorous - without ever needing to dip out for a wardrobe change.

There's skirt overlays that slide away into your clutch purse when it's time to dance, or versatile lace sleeves that transition from tea-length sheath to strappy summer wedding dress in one swift transition.

Detachable wedding dress pieces are a bride's go-to for keeping comfortable and fashionable all day long.

19. Keep your selections organized

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Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming ordeal if you are not organized, but with a wedding planner it's easy to have everything ready for your special day.

best wedding planners

In conclusion:

Following these tips when selecting wedding dresses will ensure a smooth, stress-free wedding dress shopping experience and ultimately lead you to finding the perfect dress for your special day!

Good luck to all the brides-to-be! Happy wedding dress shopping.

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