How To Make Mandala Rocks [2024]

Mandala Rocks

This is how to make a mandala rock with paint.

mandala is is a geometric design that holds a great deal of symbolism in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Mandala designs have become popular in the craft and diy world for their gorgeous patterns, all organized around a single point.

Mandala rocks have taken the rock painting world by storm and everybody seems to want to try them. Creating mandalas are easy and painting rocks is a totally relaxing, mindful way to focus on something artistic and creative.

The circular, repetitive patterns you can create with mandala rocks is so relaxing, and the color choices are abundant. You are limited only by your imagination.

People paint mandala rocks for many reasons:

  • mandala rocks are great for relaxation and mindfulness
  • mandala rocks look gorgeous as garden accents
  • mandala rocks are used to put in a basket as decoration in a room
  • mandala rocks add color down a driveway
  • mandala rocks are great to leave around towns and pathways for others to find
  • mandala rocks are fun to create

Let's talk about mandala rocks, and some of the ideas and color choices and patterns you can use to paint mandala rocks with.

How To Make Mandala Rocks

Mandala Rocks

Here is what you need to start painting mandala rocks:

    • flat, smooth, clean rocks
    • acrylic paint or paint pens for rocks
    • dotting tools of various sizes. We like to use dotting pen tools for nail art as you can typically get a set of various sizes.

MANDALA ROCKS | STEP 1. To start mandala rock painting, you will first want to find some flat, smooth rocks that have a large enough surface for you to paint your desired painting on. Part of the fun of painting a mandala rock is finding the perfect rocks to paint!

MANDALA ROCKS | STEP 2. Take your mandala rocks home and clean them off and dry them.

MANDALA ROCKS | STEP 3. Set out the paints colors you want to paint your mandala rocks with.

There are many paint color combinations that you can paint mandala rocks, including:

  • rainbow mandala rocks
  • shades of blue mandala rocks
  • yellow, blue and orange mandala rocks
  • pink and green mandala rocks
Mandala Rocks

To see more mandala rock ideas for painting and color combinations, see our article, Mandala Rock Painting Ideas here.

MANDALA ROCKS | STEP 4. Use your dotting tool to make a dot right in the center of your flat rock surface. This will be the central dot that you will do your mandala rock painting around.

MANDALA ROCKS | STEP 5. With your next color, do a dot above, below, to the left and right of your central dot, then fill in the space around those dots with dots of the same color.

MANDALA ROCKS | STEP 6. Continue to add dots around each set of dots. You want to try to stay even on each side, so if you add three dots to the left, balance it by adding the three dots to the right.

MANDALA ROCKS | STEP 7. To change up your mandala rock pattern a bit, play not only with the color of dots, but the size of dots. Add a large dot, then connect it to your other large dots with smaller dots.

Once you feel comfortable painting your mandala rocks, many mandala rock artists paint their large dots with one color, then go back and add a second dot within that large dot with another color and then a small dot in the middle with a third color, creating a bullseye effect.

Mandala Rock Painting

Mandala Rock Painting Details

  • many mandala rock artists paint their large dots with one color, then go back and add a second dot within that large dot with another color and then a small dot in the middle with a third color, creating a bullseye effect.
  • Mandala rock dots can also showcase fine detail by taking a very small dotting tool and creating very tiny dots around a larger dot.

The intricacy of a mandala rock adds intrigue and beauty to the project if you feel comfortable trying some more complex dot work.

Don't feel stressed out if your mandala rock painting is not going as expected, just enjoy the process. Painting mandala rocks should be a fun and relaxing exercise, and it is easy to make a new one once you are finished your first.

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We hope you enjoyed reading about mandala rocks and painting them, and hope you have created some gorgeous mandala rocks of your own!

Be sure to Pin any of our photos to your Pinterest board, and comment with the color choices you loved for mandala rocks in the comments section below this post.

We would love to hear some great ideas from you and your mandala rock painting.

Mandala Rocks

Have a creative day!

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