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Lavender Stock Photos | 14 Styled Photography Images

lavender stock photos

We have a brand new release for you today. Our garden areas are just full of beautiful flowers right now so we have been very busy taking a ton of pictures. We noticed that the lavender was drying out nicely and ready to pick! So we went ahead and collected a whole bunch. Lavender has so many uses for crafts. Did you know you can even embed dried flowers into resin to make jewelry? That's one tutorial that will be coming up on our YouTube channel.

Lavender is just so delicate and pretty! The little flowers have the best aroma. How can something so small have such an amazingly strong scent! We went ahead and picked a whole bunch and brought the flowers into one of our filming studios and got them ready for their photoshoot. Our hands smelled so good after this you guys and it was nice just to be outside for a while.


After taking about 50 photos, we narrowed them down to our favorite 14 images for this bundle. Here are some of our favorite pictures from this bundle pack and you can see the whole collection here.

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lavender stock photos

lavender stock photos

These beautiful stylized lavender stock photos can be used for promoting your lifestyle blog posts, social media posts, website headers, garden blogs, and more!

If you are wanting some lavender photos to use for commercial use, we have a license for that also. These lavender pictures would look so lovely in a floral calendar or for a book about gardening. You can even use these lavender images to make things to sell in your Etsy shops.

If you are an interior designer and looking for lavender pictures to print, these would look fabulous printed onto canvas for your design project.

lavender stock photos commercial use and small business

There are so many uses for these lavender pictures!

lavender stock photos

Here's a behind the scenes video! This is how we made this lavender bundle pack for y'all. We love making videos for our readers so much!

This bundle comes with 14 high-resolution photos at a great price! 

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 Here's a Pin for your Pinterest board so you can find us again later.

Lavender stock photos

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Have a beautiful day!

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