How To Use Distress Crayons

September 19, 2018

How To Use Distress Crayons

Hi and welcome. Today we would like to share one of our favorite crafting products. Distress Crayons. Designer Tim Holtz has created a collection of Distress Crayons in many beautiful colors. Distress Crayons are popular because they can be used for many applications in your design process like cardmaking, scrapbooking and art projects.

What are Distress Crayons?

Distress Crayons are different from regular crayons. They are formulated to achieve vibrant coloring effects on porous surfaces for mixed-media. The smooth water-reactive pigments are ideal for creating brilliant backgrounds, water-coloring, and smudge effects.

Now if you are already using Gelatos, you will find them very similar. Distress Crayons have a rich and velvety texture that is similar to oil pastels and we found these are really great for backgrounds and mixed media projects. The colors are rich and vibrant and of course, the color names are cute and playful. Candied Apple, Squeezed Lemonade, Lucky Clover & Salty Ocean are just a few names that are just divine. Swoon!

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Distress Crayons are a specialty item so you will need to practice to get your projects perfect. Don't be discouraged if you are having difficulty with blending and achieving your desired effect, these are not like regular crayons! Just keep practicing!

Tim Holtz & Ranger Ink, the creators of Distress Crayons shows how they can be used and blended.



Are you ready to try Distress Crayons? We sure are! Keep watch because we will be sharing some new tutorials and videos on how to use Distress Crayons and share ways to use them for your projects and crafts.




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