Best Floral Doodle Ideas | Easy Greenery Tutorial


how to draw simple leaves tutorial

Here is a simple and easy way to draw greenery florals for your bullet journal.

Do you love to doodle and draw in your bullet journal? You might want to try this super easy floral design. You can use this floral doodle idea for your planners, bujo's, and whatever craft ideas you have. We know our readers love to draw and doodle in their planners and journals! Hands up if you are too!

This floral doodle was inspired by some pretty flowers that are in the gardens at one of our filming studios. Florals bring such comfort and joy! If you  love to draw flowers and floral designs in an illustrative and whimsical way, you are going to love this floral idea for your bujo.

how to create floral doodles

When you are practicing to draw simple floral doodles, try to learn from real things that you can touch, smell, and hold in your hands. Like these flowers below. This should give you many doodle design ideas. 

simple floral doodles

If you love to doodle and draw in your journals, please follow along with this series. Subscribe Here on our YouTube channel. Also, we would LOVE to see your versions too! So if you can't resist the urge to pick up your favorite markers and start doodling, do follow along. Tag us on our TikTok @diycraftclub and show us your versions. We can't wait to see how creative you all are!

simple floral doodle ideas

If you are enjoying our Simple Floral Doodle series, please consider purchasing a printable copy of this week's floral design.

If you would like to print out a copy of this episode's floral doodle, we have it right here. Feel free to print this doodle and use it for your amazing ideas. We will add more to that collection with each episode. You can print them and use them for all kinds of crafting projects.

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floral doodle ideas

floral doodle ideas


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Here's The Video Tutorial | How To Draw Greenery Flowers In Your Bullet Journal

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Simple Floral Doodles DIY Tutorials

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March 02, 2019

Ashwini! Thanks for that encouragement!! Yes, we will be posting the next video next Thursday. Have a wonderful day!!


March 01, 2019

simple ans elegant,loved it,Please post more!!:)

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