Yellow Kitchen Decor Ideas | Our Favorite Yellow Inspired Kitchen Accents

yellow kitchen decor ideas | yellow inspired kitchen accents

There is something so beautiful about the color yellow. It brightens any space with a gentle dose of warmth and happiness. It is the brightest color on the visible spectrum and is the most noticeable of colors by the human eye. It is often associated with sunshine and is a highly popular choice of kitchen paint! However, if you are looking to brighten up your kitchen by using yellow accents, as opposed to painting the whole kitchen, you have come to the right place for some timeless inspiration.

Yellow is an amazing color that goes well with so many other colors. Pairing yellow with grey tones is a very beautiful and popular combination. Especially since greys often have subtle undertones of blue and purple, which are on the opposite side of the color wheel from yellow. So if you have any grey in your kitchen and are planning on accenting with yellow, you are going to have a beautiful color combination. Yellow also goes beautifully with whites and creams, wood detail (such as cupboards) and any gold tones.

Are you dreaming of a yellow kitchen? Or perhaps just looking for some yellow colored kitchen accent ideas. You have come to the right place. We've found some lovely yellow accent pieces that will be absolutely stunning for a bright and sunny yellow theme you are going for.

Planning a makeover is so much fun, isn't it? So many possibilities to bring the color yellow into the kitchen. Here are our top choices.

Yellow Kitchen Decor Ideas

1. Yellow Mixing Bowl

Stir some color into your kitchen with this lemon yellow Mason Cash mixing bowl. This large bowl will bring a bright yellow, vibrant touch to your kitchen decor. This yellow mixing bowl is made from chip resistant earthenware and has a beautiful cane pattern on the exterior. Love the size too at 2.85 quarts so is great for salads or mixing up your favorite batch of cookies or muffins. Set it on your island or sideboard for an extra splash of color for your yellow kitchen decor.

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yellow kitchen decor ideas yellow mixing bowl2. Yellow Art Prints For Wall Decor

Here’s a set of art that will help bring in the color yellow. These floral wall art prints are whimsical and pretty. If you have a  wall or two that needs that extra yellow splash of color, then these might be exactly what you are looking for. This comes in a set of 3 so you can either place them all together as a set or split them up. These yellow wall art pieces come already wrapped onto a sturdy frame so they are easy to display. A great choice to consider for your yellow kitchen decorating ideas.

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yellow kitchen decor ideas wall art

3. Yellow Kitchen Cabinet

This yellow cabinet will be a great centerpiece in an all white kitchen. Look how gorgeous this piece is! This cabinet features glass doors that are covered in a curved x design. Perfect for displaying all of your extra special kitchen pieces. The cabinet has a bright yellow finish, decorative moldings, and a flat top surface that can hold things like your KitchenAid stand mixer or other items on this list. Yellow kitchen ideas never looked so great!

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4. Set Of Two Yellow Planters

Here are some yellow kitchen accessories that are totally adorable. A kitchen without plants or herbs growing is a very sad kitchen indeed! Let’s all have happy kitchens. These stylish planters are 4.5" x 4" so they are a perfect size for succulents, herbs or other smaller plants. These yellow planters are made from ceramic and have a cute and chic modern folded design. They have a hole in the bottom that will allow water to drain through so that your plants stay healthy. Perfect.

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yellow kitchen decor ideas set of two planters


5. Yellow Ceramic Pot Set

This yellow cookware set comes with everything you need at a great price. If you have a kitchen island and like to display your pots and pans, this set will give the pop of yellow color that you are looking for. They are made with a ceramic coating and nontoxic dye cast aluminum.

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yellow kitchen decor ideas ceramic cookware set


6. Yellow Vintage Bread Box

When I saw this lovely yellow bread box, I added it to my shopping cart right away. This is exactly what I'm looking for. This bread box is stainless steel and has a durable, smooth powder coat finish for easy cleanup. This yellow bread box would look really cute on that cabinet that we mentioned above. It will blend nicely with your yellow decor and brighten up your space. And, you don't have to just use it for bread either, you can use this for all kinds of storage like for spices or measuring cups.

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yellow kitchen decor ideas vintage bread box

7. Set Of Yellow Dish Towels

Of course, no yellow kitchen is complete without a set of yellow dishcloths. These towels have a hanging loop and are a generous size at 19" x 27". They are thick and luxurious and made in Europe. Fedico has some of the highest quality towels that last for a very long time. These dishcloths are made with 100% cotton fabric, so not only do they look great in a yellow themed kitchen, they also absorb well. You might want to grab two packs.

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yellow kitchen decor ideas dish towels

8. Yellow Silicone Spatula Set

Grab these yellow silicone spatulas and set them in a yellow or white stand and you have a perfect yellow accent display that's also functional. Silicone is low maintenance and what you need for nonstick pans. It’s popular because it has super high heat resistance: up to 450 degrees and they are easy to clean.

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yellow kitchen decor ideas silicone tools

9. Yellow & Gold Pineapple

How cute! This pineapple is glossed with a yellow finish and has a gorgeous gold crown. This accent piece will be sure to add personality and style to your yellow themed kitchen. This yellow pineapple would look great paired with the planters that we mentioned above because things always look good in three’s. PS - This is decorative, not a container.

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yellow kitchen decor ideas decorative pineapple

10. Yellow Serving Tray

And now that you have your plants and pineapple all ready to go, you can set them onto this sunny yellow serving tray. Use this tray as a centerpiece or bring it out when company is coming. Keep in mind that it’s not intended for direct contact with food.

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yellow kitchen decor ideas serving tray

11. KitchenAid Stand Mixer In Majestic Yellow

Hello, beautiful stand mixer! Isn't this color just lovely? This stand mixer comes standard with a flat beater, dough hook, and a wire whip. And if you are going for something that has an extra cool factor, this will certainly match your kitchen's swank personality. Don't you want to just whip up a batch of lemon drops right now? I sure do.

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yellow kitchen decor ideas stand mixer by kitchenaid

I hope you found these items helpful in your quest for yellow! My favorite is the planter set so I'll be grabbing that one for sure. Now I wonder if I can convince my hubby that I really need the stand mixer, well, we shall see, hehe.

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yellow kitchen decor ideas

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