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How To Dry Orange Slices

Dried orange slices are a fun way to bring color into your decorating. They can be tied to a string and hung on the wall or window, or made into a gorgeous wreath or garland. They also make beautiful Christmas ornaments and can be used to garnish your drinks.

Orange slices can be easily dried and used in a variety of ways, and we are going to share how to dry orange slices with you so you too can enjoy the colorful array of this citrus display too.

Dried Orange Slices

How To Dry Orange Slices

Here is what you need to make dried orange slices:


  • Oranges (you can use one kind or several to vary by orange shape and shade)
  • A sharp knife
  • A baking sheet
  • Parchment paper

Here is what you do to make dried orange slices:


  1. Preheat your oven to 250F
  2. Slice your oranges to about 1cm. of thickness
  3. Line your baking sheet with parchment paper
  4. Place your orange slices in 1 layer on the parchment paper, making sure to not overlap any oranges
  5. Place them in the oven and let them dry out for about 2.5 hours, flipping gently approximately every 30 minutes
  6. after 2.5 hours, check to make sure they are dried out. If they still seem a little squishy, you can leave them in another 30 minutes

That's it! It is so easy to make these dried orange slices and there is so much you can make with them.

Dried Orange Slices

What Can You Make With Dried Orange Slices?

Here are some things you can make with dried orange slices:

  1. You can garnish drinks with them. They go especially well with warmed cinnamon apple cider and spiced rum or mimosas!
  2. You can make Christmas dried orange garland by stringing several oranges together. This looks especially beautiful and rustic when strung together with twine and fairy lights.
  3. String individual dried oranges to hang all over a Christmas tree as ornaments.
  4. Add them to mulled wine with mulling spices.
  5. Make a simmer pot to have your house smell amazing!
  6. Make a dried orange slice wreath. Add holly, cinnamon sticks, red berries or fairy lights to really make it pop.
  7. Add your dried orange slices to a beautiful bowl for a homemade potpourri.
  8. Add them to a bowl for table decor.
  9. Paired with white flowers and cinnamon sticks, dried sliced oranges add a beautiful touch of color and scent to a centerpiece.

Do you have any questions about drying orange slices?

How long will dried orange slices last?

Dried orange slices can last up to two years, but if you are making them for the holiday season, we recommend making them fresh each year to preserve the soft scent you still get off of them. Plus, the smell that comes from the oven when you are baking is the most beautiful warm and nostalgic scent.

Can you eat dehydrated orange slices?

Technically yes, you can eat dehydrated orange slices, however, with no added sugars or spices, they may taste slightly bitter. We recommend if you are making dried orange slices to eat, you add some sugars and cinnamon to the oranges prior to baking.

How do you know when your dried orange slices are done?

Dried orange slices are done baking once they are hard and leathery and no longer appear juicy. When you pick up a cooled dried orange slice, it should feel dry between your fingers when you squeeze it.

There are so many wonderful and crafty ideas you can use dried orange slices for, we hope you share your unique designs with us! And be sure to pin any image on this page or bookmark this article to find it again.

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Happy crafting :)

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