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How To Make MINT POWDER | Easy step by step & video

How To Make MINT POWDER | Easy step by step & video

If you have an abundance of mint growing then why not make your own mint powder? Mint is one of those edible plants that grow from spring until late fall so you can harvest mint and make mint powder all summer long. When you dry mint to make mint powder, it's super easy and we are going to show you how with our step by step instructions. The best way to dry mint for making mint powder is under the sun so harvest your mint on a very hot and dry day. 


Step 1 - Collect your mint in the morning on a day that you know will be hot and sunny. Mint will only take one full day of drying outside in the hot sun. If you harvest your mint and set it out to dry and it does not completely dry, then you can bring it in for the night and then set it out again the next day.

how to make mint powder

Step 2 - Take off all of the leaves from the stems. Mint is one of those plants that is totally easy to remove the leaves in one pull.

how to make mint powder

Step 3 - Wash your mint and let it sit in a strainer for about 10 minutes to allow the water to drip off.

Step 4 - Place all of the mint leaves onto a baking tray that is lined with either a clean cloth or paper towel. Make sure that the leaves are spaced out enough on the tray so that they are not clumped up.

how to dry mint for mint powder

Step 5 - Place the mint trays in the sun and let them dry naturally. Check on the mint leaves every so often and spread them out on the tray even more as they are drying.

Step 6 - Now you can put all of the mint leaves into a bowl and break them up a bit with your hands.

Step 7 - In a spice & nut grinder, grind the leaves into a powder. We are using the Cuisinart Spice & Nut Grinder that you can purchase on Amazon.

Step 8 - Store your powdered mint in a mason jar and apply a mint label. Enjoy!

how to make mint powder

You can download a FREE mint label sheet to print right here.

mint powder labels

How long will powdered mint last?

Powdered mint will last up to a year if stored in a glass mason jar. Store your mint out of sunlight in a dry place.

What can I use powdered mint for?

Powdered mint can be used for cooking, baking, marinades, jam, smoothies, ice cream, hot cocoa, and for tea.



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