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How To Freeze Gnocchi In 4 Easy Steps

How To Freeze Gnocchi

If you just read our amazing gnocchi recipe made with 4 ingredients and you are wondering if you can freeze your gnocchi, the answer is yes!

Yes, you can freeze gnocchi and keep it for months. As soon as you make your gnocchi is the best time to freeze it.

How To Freeze Gnocchi

Start by making the gnocchi. It is an easy process requiring only 4 ingredients! Read our easy-to-follow gnocchi recipe. Now to freeze gnocchi:

1. Arrange your gnocchi on a lightly floured baking sheet in a single layer. Add another light dusting of flour on top of arranged gnocchi.

How to freeze gnocchi

2. Place the baking sheet with your gnocchi into the freezer so it is level. Let the gnocchi freeze. This can take 2-4 hours.

3. Once the gnocchi are frozen, put them into resealable freezer bags. You can also put them into freezer-safe glass containers like these ones on Amazon. Label everything with "gnocchi" and the date. The gnocchi will not stick together in your containers or bags since they are already frozen and no longer doughy/sticky.

Freezing gnocchi
Freeze gnocchi easily

4. Keep frozen gnocchi in the freezer until ready to use. Gnocchi can stay in the freezer for 1-2 months.

Freeze the gnocchi
Frozen gnocchi in bag

Voila! Ready to eat!


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Here are some other gnocchi related questions we can answer for you:

Can you freeze gnocchi dough?

Yes, you can freeze gnocchi dough. I have two frozen balls of gnocchi dough right now in my freezer. To freeze gnocchi dough, make your gnocchi recipe (easy recipe here) and then at the step where you let the dough rest for ten minutes in saran wrap, you take your saran wrapped ball of gnocchi dough and put it into the freezer. Once gnocchi dough is frozen, take it out, put it directly into a resealable freezer bag labeled "gnocchi dough" and the date. Gnocchi dough can stay frozen 1-2 months. When you are ready to make your gnocchi, take the dough out of the freezer and let it sit on the counter to thaw, then pick up where you left off. Be sure to bookmark or Pin our recipe if that is what you are following so you can continue with step 10 once thawed.

How To Cook Frozen Gnocchi

When you are ready to eat your gnocchi, take the frozen gnocchi out of the freezer and add them directly to a large pot of salted, boiling water. You do not need to thaw your frozen gnocchi before cooking them, that is the beauty of freezing gnocchi! Add them into your boiling water frozen. They are cooked once floating, which takes 2-3 minutes. If you are planning to cook a lot of frozen gnocchi, divide them between two boiling pots of water so they do not lower the temperature of the water once added.

Can you microwave frozen gnocchi?

We highly recommend that you do not microwave your frozen gnocchi. The beautiful thing about frozen gnocchi is that you do not have to thaw at all before adding to boiling, salted water. Plus, a microwave will cook your frozen gnocchi poorly. Gnocchi are best cooked when immersed in boiling water for both texture and flavor.

We hope you enjoyed this article. You may also be interested in reading our article The Best Pasta Making Tools.


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