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The BEST Pizza-Making Tools, Accessories And Equipment For 2020

Best pizza making tools

Making homemade pizza is just as fun as eating it, and when you have the best pizza-making tools it makes it much easier and therefore much more enjoyable. When you are entertaining, your guests will love participating in adding their own pizza toppings while sipping on a nice glass of wine! Before the guests arrive though, you will want to have the pizza dough and tools ready.


Here are the 7 of the best pizza-making tools to help you get your pizza perfect!

1. A Kitchen Scale Tool For Making Pizza Dough

I have talked endlessly about using a kitchen scale in so many articles now, and here I go again! Why is a kitchen scale so much better than a measuring cup? One word: accuracy.

Sure you can pretty closely measure liquids in a measuring cup at eye level, but where it counts is with the dry ingredients. Those usually affect the chemistry behind your cooking, and in this case, the rising of your dough! You need to be accurate down to the gram with your dry ingredients, and the best way to do so is with a kitchen scale.

Best pizza making tools

This kitchen scale by Ozeri is the one I like to recommend for a few reasons. This is a best seller on Amazon AND it is Amazon's choice for kitchen scales. It has a TON of fantastic reviews. Another reason is the super cute colors it comes in!
Lastly, the price is fantastic.

Check price of Ozeri kitchen scale on Amazon here

2. A Dough Scraper Accessory For Pizza Dough

Dough scrapers are such handy little tools, and there are so many out there to choose from. I personally prefer a flexible one to get every bit of pizza dough from the sides of my bowl.

This handy pizza dough scraper combo by Spring Chef comes with a flexible pizza scraper that is curved like the side of your bowl, and it also has a handy kitchen weight and volume converter right on it. Plus it comes with a pizza dough cutter that can actually be used for multiple things around the kitchen when you are cooking.

Check price of Spring Chef Pizza Dough Scraper Combo on Amazon here

Best pizza making tools

3. A Pizza-Making Stone For The Oven

I have quite a lot to say about pizza stones and pizza pans as tools for making pizza in the oven. Of course, you can use any baking sheet, and your pizza will come out just fine. With that being said, "fine" doesn't cut it for me when I am making pizza lol. And you can bring your just "fine" pizza to a "fantastic" pizza with the investment of one pizza making tool, and that is either a pizza stone or pizza steel. Whichever you decide to buy is a matter of preference, but I will talk about both below.

A pizza stone is a tool you definitely want on hand as it can handle those high temperatures you need to make amazing pizza.

Best pizza making tools

Cooking your pizza on a pizza stone is a great move as it distributes the heat evenly to your pizza, and this is a pro tip for making your best pizza. Even heat distribution.

We recommend this Pizza Stone by Old Stone Oven from Amazon. It is a rectangular 14" x 16" pizza stone created from a blend of lead-free clays, and it can withstand high temperatures in the 500-degree range.

This pizza stone is also a rectangular stone with no handles, so all of the space can be used for pizza.

This stone will also absorb the heat from the oven to distribute evenly to your crust, kicking up your pizza from fine to fantastic!

Best pizza making tools

 Read our article How A Pizza Stone Works to learn more if you are thinking of purchasing your own pizza stone!

4. A Pizza Steel Tool For Making Perfect Pizza

Now let's talk about pizza steel. The difference between pizza steel or baking steel, and a pizza stone is typically in the way that they conduct heat.

Pizza steels are known to retain heat better than a pizza stone, however, it is also said that they do not conduct heat quite as evenly as a stone would. So you might want to consider pizza steel if you are going for a quicker pizza cooking time. Pizza steels do need a bit more care though in the fact that they need to be seasoned once in a while, just like cast iron would, so it doesn't get rust spots.

Another point in favor of the pizza steel, is that you can use it right on your bbq grill if you want to take the pizza outside or camping!

The best pizza making tools

The pizza steel I am going to recommend is the Pizzacraft Rectangular Steel Baking Plate from Amazon. It is very big and will likely cover the bottom rack of your oven at 22" x 14" (so make sure your oven is big enough to support that). If it does, a lot of people seem to keep their Pizzacraft Steel Plate in their oven for storage! I like that idea.

You can also use both a pizza steel AND a pizza stone if you can't decide!

Bake your pizza on the pizza steel, and place the pizza stone above it, as it will absorb the heat and evenly distribute to your pizza cooking below.

Best pizza making tools

5. The Uuni 3 Wood-Fired Pizza Oven by Ooni

The Uuni 3 Wood Fired Pizza Oven is the world's first portable wood-fired pizza oven, and it comes with the ultimate recommendation from me! Yes, I oh so happily own and frequently use this. I have had my Uuni pizza oven for quite a long time, somewhere in ten-year range, and it makes the absolute best, hands down pizza that I have EVER made.

This is the second article where I mention the Uuni Pizza Oven. I first mentioned it in my article Linnea's Favorite Things as it truly is one of my favorite cooking tools. This makes pizza taste like it comes right from Italy. When you roll the dough out, it goes onto the Uuni Pizza peel and goes into the oven, where it is flame cooked in 60 seconds flat at around 900 degrees. There's some heat for you!

Now, this isn't like cooking a family-sized pizza, keep that in mind. It cooks about 13" individual pizza, but very quickly! I typically eat one all on my own, or more... because they are so good. So this is something that would be good for having guests or family choosing their toppings to put on for their own pizza, or making several different ones and slicing them up for people to choose from. Just keep in mind, this is a tool that is used outdoors. 

Best pizza making tools

If you are planning on using this for larger groups or for entertaining, I would highly suggest ordering an extra peel. Even for our family of 4, I need that extra peel. If you only use the one peel that it comes with, you make your pizza on the peel and then cook it, then you have to wait for it to finish cooking and take the cooked pizza off before making your next pizza on that same peel. With an extra pizza peel, you can have the next pizza ready to go when your finished pizza comes out of the fire.

The Uuni 3 Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven gets a 5 out 5 rating from me, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to everyone out there who loves a real, flame-cooked pizza.

6. This Pizza-Making Peel

I am going to list that extra pizza peel I was talking about right here. This is the Uuni Pizza Peel, but you can use it beyond the Uuni Wood Fire Pizza Oven! I personally use this pizza peel and have had it for a very long time. 

Best pizza making tools

7. A Great Pizza Cutting Tool

It's amazing how a good cutting tool can just make all the difference in making life easier for you, and in this case, we are looking at pizza cutters. There are so many styles out there! We have always opted for the classic exposed circular cutting tool. (I say exposed as there are several that have covers on them that you hold, but I find this is just another thing that can't get cleaned properly).

The pizza cutter that we found to have several recommendations behind it, was the OXO Good Grips Pizza Wheel. It is made out of stainless steel and has a die-cast thumb grip, making it pretty hard to cut yourself with! It is sharp and can cut a thick crust pizza easily.

Best pizza making tools

And don't forget the Italian way to serve that homemade pizza, put a bit of arugula on top of the finished pizza pie and drizzle with olive oil before cutting up. You definitely have to try it this way if you never have before.

Best pizza making tools

Our last and parting words for making THE BEST homemade pizza are to take your time and enjoy the process. Pour yourself a glass of wine and put on that music that you like to cook with. And don't be afraid to use fresh ingredients!

If you have some fresh basil or oregano growing in your backyard, head out there and get it! Fresh herbs are a lot less strong than dried herbs, so you can really go to town with your pizza. And if it just isn't the right time of year to head to the garden, you can also find packaged fresh herbs in the grocery store with the vegetables.

Speaking of vegetables, the same goes for using them in your homemade pizza. Use fresh! Get those fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, onions. Fresh makes a huge difference in your cooking!

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Thanks, have a spectacular day!

best pizza making tools and equipment

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