What Is Edible Glitter & What Can You Add Edible Glitter To?

What Is Edible Glitter


Edible glitter is like the unicorn of the culinary world: a wild card you can throw into the mix to send ooh's and ahh's abundantly around the room you are entertaining. Sparkly cookies, shimmery cakes and glimmering cocktails!

But what exactly is edible glitter? Let's dive into that question and learn all about that delectable sparkle.


What Is Edible Glitter

Truly edible glitter will say "edible" or "food grade" right on it, and these are terms which mean that the product is safe to consume or eat. Edible glitter can be added to toppings, desserts, drinks, icings and more to add sparkle, shine or pearl finishes depending on the type of edible glitter used.

What forms of glitter does edible glitter come in?

Edible glitter can come in the following forms:

  • Luster Dust: Edible and food-grade, this is a pearlized powder that works well on airbrushed cakes. It can be applied wet or dry and can be mixed to create an edible "paint". There is not a huge glittery effect with luster dust, but rather, a pretty, reflective sheen.
  • Petal Dust: Edible and food-grade, just like the name suggest, it is great for adding color to sugar flowers. It leaves more of a color than a glitter effect.
  • Tinker Dust: Edible and food-grade, excellent sprinkled on your foods, frostings. Tinker dust is sparkly and shiny and is meant to be sprinkled directly onto food. It is not made to be mixed with anything to create an edible "paint". The particles are larger to reflect light better.
  • Brew Glitter®: Edible and food-grade, Brew Glitter® by Bakell is a glittery powder additive made in the USA specifically to be added to beverages.

Where can I buy edible glitter?

When it comes to edible glitter, we trust Bakell and their edible glitter products, and this is where you can find them:

1. Luster Dust Edible Glitter

What Is Edible Glitter

You can find Luster Dust on Amazon here

This Luster Dust by Bakell comes in a variety of colors and has been voted the #1 FDA-approved Luster Dust. These Luster Dusts are also Kosher Certified (you can see the Kosher Certification here). They are vegan, nut-free, dairy-free and are non-GMO.

2. Edible Glitter Tinker Dust

What Is Edible Glitter

You can find Tinker Dust on Amazon here (above photo is of Rose Gold Tinker Dust).

Tinker Dust by Bakell is extremely shiny, glittery and is best sprinkled directly onto foods, dessert and icings. And yes, we are totally obsessed with this Rose Gold Tinker Dust pictured above!

3. Edible Glitter For Drinks

What Is Edible Glitter

You can find Brew Glitter® on Amazon here

Brew Glitter® is an edible glitter by Bakell that can be added to drinks, cocktails, beer, wine, martinis and more. It is made in the USA and is Kosher Certified, Vegan, Gluten and Nut-Free.

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We hope you discovered some really great edible glitters! These edible glitters are great to have on hand and are all fantastic prices. We can't wait for you to try them out.

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What Is Edible Glitter

Have a sparkly day!

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