15 THOUGHTFUL Gift Ideas For Bridesmaids in 2024

best bridesmaid gift ideas

Here are some luxury bridesmaid gift ideas for this year. Are you looking for some incredible and deluxe gifts for your bridesmaids? You have come to the right place because we have found some amazing gift ideas that we think that you will fall in love with as much as we have.

This is a carefully thought out list that took quite a long time to research and write for you. Your besties will really love these luxurious bridesmaids gifts. Sometimes it can be challenging to pick out the perfect gift idea for your bridal party.

Especially if you have a large wedding party with people that have totally different likes and personalities. But don't worry, there are some amazing ideas for everyone.

bridesmaid gift ideas

You can pick and choose what's best for each of your bridesmaids too. There is no rule that you must get everyone the same thing. That's why this bridal list is so great.

We have hand picked some bridesmaids gift for everyone's takes and likes to help make your day of gifting truly memorable.



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Yum! Take your popcorn to the next level with these mouth watering sets of popcorn seasoning spices. These make such a great luxury gift idea and would be especially great to give as a gift before a girls movie night before your big day.

You can create your own personalized set from this Chicago based company on Etsy. They are made out of organic ingredients and handcrafted in small batches.

best bridesmaid gift ideas popcorn


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Buyers are raving about this shop and they have everything you need for a perfect splurge luxury gift. In this shop you can find beautiful and cozy blankets for your bridesmaids gifts that are handmade from merino wool.

You might especially fall in love with their chunky, cozy wool blankets.

You can choose your size all the way up to 90" for just over $700. Now that's an extravagant gift idea for those who have an unlimited wedding budget.

best bridesmaid gifts wool blanket


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Anastasov is the ultimate luxury gift for your bridesmaids. What bridesmaid wouldn't go crazy over a new handbag or tote. They have some of the best authentic luxury & high end fashion brands that you will absolutely fall in love with.

Buy them for your bridesmaids in coordinating colors so they can use them on the wedding day or bachelorette party!

bridal gift ideas handbags


Visit the shop On Etsy

This shop is packed full of luxurious finds that any bridesmaid would fall in love with. We especially think their handmade felt slippers are amazing. They have lots of different kinds to choose from and they are all handmade from scratch and totally luxurious and extremely lavish. 

bridesmaid gift ideas slippers


Visit the shop On Etsy

We had so much fun going through this shop. They make the most gorgeous and high end bags and totes that are perfect for those who are looking for the ultra one of a kind, & extravagant bridesmaid gifts. Each of their custom bags is carefully designed and handmade one at a time from their Maine studio.

Do be sure to allow this shop plenty of time, since they stitch and make everything from scratch. Wouldn't these be amazing as a bridal shower gift??

bridal gifts totes


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These make perfect luxury gifts because if your bridesmaid likes to travel or listen to music at home then this is what they would love. They can enjoy movies, TV episodes, eBooks, songs and more.

Also, this makes a great gift idea for those bridesmaids who love to cook and bake because it's hands free with Alexa so they don't even have to touch it when they need a quick recipe or instructions.

bridesmaid gift ideas fire tablet


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For flawless hair free skin. This hair removal device from BoSidin is perfect for a luxury bridesmaid gift.

What an amazing and thoughtful gift this would make for those in your bridal party who love beauty products. This should be at the top of your luxury gift must have list!

bridesmaid gift ideas bosiden


Visit shops on Etsy

You are going to find a perfect gift in these shops for those who love essential oils and self care.

Wear them on the wedding day to create a memory scent! Get one for the birthstone of each bridesmaid or custom essential oil blends for a personalized gift.

bridesmaid gift ideas essential oils


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Give the gift that keeps on giving by gifting your bridesmaid a subscription box to gourmet tea blends. Each month a new tea set will be shipped to your bridesmaid. All you have to do is choose your perfect subscription box and they will do the rest.

If you have a bridesmaid that is a tea lover, they will absolutely love this thoughtful gift.

bridesmaid gift ideas tea


Visit shop on Etsy

If you are looking for something truly special and unique then you will find some ultra luxury gifts in this Etsy shop for wedding day bridesmaid jewelry. They make custom raw stone jewelry and rings that are the perfect luxury gift any bridesmaid would go crazy for. What a beautiful bridal party gift.

The designer, Inbal, has been creating luxury creations for her customers for over 20 years.

jewelry gifts for bridesmaids


Visit shop on Etsy

This gorgeous lace robe will wow your bridesmaid the moment they open up your amazing gift. The combination of lace & sheer fabric adds the perfect amount of polish and design that just takes this gift to another level.

This is a perfect for your bridesmaids gift ideas. Put one into a gift box with a gorgeous bow in your wedding color with a bottle of champaigne!

Made from premium luxe matt satin these luxury robes will make your bridal party feel like a million bucks. These robes are all designed by Le Rose with detail and care in mind and sewn to a standard of perfection.

bridesmaid gift ideas robes


Visit Shop On Etsy

If your bridesmaid is into plants, then they will fall in love with these planters. Handmade with love, these planters are unique and totally gorgeous.

The beautiful craftsmanship will be adored by your bridesmaid for years and years.

bridesmaid gift ideas plant holders


Visit The Shop On Etsy

You are definitely going to find a luxury gift in this handmade soap shop. They make everything in small batches and use skin loving oils and butters for all of their creations. They have some of the best handmade soaps out there.

Remember, many shops will be more than happy to put together a luxury set for you, so contact them and see what they can do for you to make the best bridesmaids gifts possible.

Don't forget to pick up a bathtub tray too, Sugar Me Beauty has a list of some bathtub trays and caddies.

bridesmaid gift ideas soap


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A Kindle is a perfect gift idea if your friend loves to read on the go or if they travel a lot.

They can read their favorite books anywhere at all and keep their favorites stored for when it's time to relax or for waiting for an appointment.

There's nothing like a soak in the tub with a great book is there?

bridesmaid gift ideas kindle


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And since we are talking about soaks in the tub, check out these handmade bathtub trays. If your bridesmaid loves to spend hours in the tub, these handmade bathtub trays are a must have. These will hold soap, books, wine and everything that is needed to have a great bath.

What really makes them top of the line is that they have drainage baskets. If you have ever used a bathtub tray, then you know that this is a very important feature.

handmade bathtub trays


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