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Spreading the word about your products and brands is our specialty. Let's get your brand out there together.

Our readers love trying new things and purchasing supplies from trusted brands. If your company would like to collab with us, here are some ways we can work together. And of course, we would love to hear your ideas too!

How Can We Help?

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We love trying new products and sharing with our members, subscribers, and readers! If you would like to add us to your brand's PR or Press Kit list, please send us a message here (Attn: PR List).

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Vlog Post With Production Video

Yes, we love to travel and vlog about our experiences. If you would like us to feature your event, store, ship, or hotel let's talk! Our readers do a lot of traveling to trade shows and events.

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Large Brand Collaborations

If you would like to work with us about a large project, let's talk! 

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