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Collaborations | Sponsorships

Bloggers & Creatives

Every Friday we host Friday Favorites. We interview a creative and share the interview on all of our blogging and social media platforms with our readers. If you have a YouTube channel, blog or store that you would like us to check, please submit! We have a long line so please be patient.


As crafters ourselves we know the importance of buying and trying the very best products for our craft businesses. Our readers love trying new things as well as trusted brands. If your company would like to collab with us, we would love to hear your ideas. 

Product Samples 

Do you have a product for us to try? When sending samples we require 3 samples. We use the samples for product reviews, craft tutorials, and we give them away to our readers in contests to help create even more buzz for your company.

We try out all of the samples we receive. We will only share products that we know our readers will like. Products must be of quality. Sending samples does not guarantee a review. We often receive samples that do not meet our standards. Samples are not returned.

Contact us and we will check out your website and products. If we like what we see, we will convo you the mailing address.

Sponsorship Videos

If you would like to book sponsorship videos where we use your product in a certain amount of video tutorials, please contact us.