Natural Dye For Easter Eggs | Beet Juice + Hand-Painted Roses

best Easter egg decorating tutorials

Easter egg DIY tutorial with natural beet juice and hand drawn roses.

It's Easter Egg decorating time! So many years of fond memories come to mind when it's time to decorate and color Easter eggs. Coming up with fresh and pretty spring Easter Egg decorating ideas is always so much fun.

Here is a dyed Easter Egg decorating ideas for you to try using beet juice.

Easter eggs can be decorated easily with beet juice and hand-drawn rose accents. This beet-dyed Easter egg decorating tutorial is super easy and you most likely already have what you need on hand to get your 

Easter eggs perfect, and we are so happy to share this design idea for decorating Easter eggs with you. If you are wondering how to dye Easter eggs with beets, you will be happy to follow along with this DIY using natural beet juice.

It's time to make pretty Easter eggs with beets.

Video DIY tutorial for making these Easter eggs is at the bottom of this article


Natural Dye For Easter Eggs

For those who would like to try your hand at drawing pretty roses on your Easter Eggs, this will be a tutorial you will absolutely love. These Easter eggs with roses are perfect for a cottage chic or shabby Easter theme.

Plus, if you are trying to be more eco-friendly, this recipe is a natural, eco-friendly idea for painting your Easter eggs using beet juice. You will be amazed at how good these turn out.


DIY Natural Dye Easter Egg Supplies:

    DIY Natural Easter Egg Instructions:

    Step 1: Chop up 4 beets and put them into a saucepan with 5 cups of water. Bring to a boil, turn down to medium heat and let beets simmer for about 20 minutes.


    Step 2: With a fine mesh strainer, strain your beets (can add them to your salad for dinner later, yum) and add in 1.5 tbsp of white vinegar. Vinegar helps the beet dye bind to your egg. Let cool.


    Step 3: Place your hard boiled eggs in a container like a bread loaf pan, and cover them with the beet juice. Let eggs sit in the beet juice for 20-30 minutes to dye them. If you want your Easter eggs a lighter pink shade, remove them sooner. For darker eggs, let them sit long as desired, even up to overnight.


    best Easter egg decorating ideas


    Step 4: Dry off your beet-dyed Easter eggs, being careful not to rub the beet dye too much or it will come off the egg.


    best Easter egg decorating ideas


    Step 5: Get your markers ready to decorate the beet-dyed Easter eggs.


    best Easter egg decorating ideas


    Step 6: Start off with coloring a circle on your beet-dyed Easter egg with the lightest pink marker. Then take the next marker shade and go over the same circle a bit adding more depth of color. Finally, with your darkest pink shade add even more color.


    best Easter egg decorating ideas

    best Easter egg decorating ideas


    Step 7: Take your black fine liner and make a circle. Keep this pattern going until your circle gets smaller and smaller. Now you have simple and whimsical roses!


    best Easter egg decorating ideas


    Step 8: Take a green marker and color some leaves on your beet-dyed Easter egg, and then go over them again with a black fine tip marker.


    best Easter egg decorating ideas

    best Easter egg decorating ideas


    Step 9: Lastly, take your Sharpie Paint Pen and paint on little white dot details. The Sharpie paint pen is perfect for this because the dots come out so smoothly, but you can use regular acrylic paint too with a toothpick. 

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    best Easter egg decorating ideas


    Well, that's it! Keep on going until all of your beet-dyed Easter eggs are perfectly decorated with these pretty roses.

    This beet-dyed Easter egg tutorial is right up there with some of our favorites because it's super fun to do and anyone can try this.


    best Easter egg decorating ideas

    best Easter egg decorating ideas

    best Easter egg decorating ideas


    Watch how these pretty beet-dyed rose Easter eggs come to life in the video tutorial below.



    Here are some frequently asked questions about hand painting Easter eggs:

    1. How do I prepare eggs for painting?

      • Answer: Start by boiling or emptying the eggs. If boiling, let them cool completely before painting. For blown eggs, rinse the inside with water and let them dry. This ensures a clean surface for painting.

    2. What type of paint is best for Easter eggs?

      • Answer: Acrylic or tempera paints work well for Easter eggs. They provide vibrant colors and adhere nicely to the eggshell. Make sure the paint is non-toxic and safe for decorative use.

    3. Can I use markers or pens on Easter eggs?

      • Answer: Yes, you can use fine-tipped markers or pens designed for egg decorating. These provide more control for intricate designs and can be less messy than paint.

    4. How can I create intricate designs without smudging?

      • Answer: Allow each section of your design to dry before moving on to adjacent areas. This prevents smudging and helps maintain the sharpness of your details. Patience is key!

    5. Should I seal my painted eggs?

      • Answer: Sealing painted eggs with a clear varnish or Mod Podge can protect the design and add a glossy finish. Ensure the sealant is non-toxic and suitable for decorative purposes.

    6. Any tips for beginners on drawing patterns or designs?

      • Answer: Start with simple patterns like dots, stripes, or swirls. Use pencil lightly to sketch your design before applying paint. Practice on a spare egg or paper to build confidence.

    7. How do I fix mistakes or smudges on painted eggs?

      • Answer: If the paint is still wet, gently wipe off the mistake with a damp cloth. For dried paint, carefully scrape off the error using a small blade or nail. Touch up the area with fresh paint as needed.

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    best Easter egg decorating ideas

    best Easter egg decorating ideas



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