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Social Shoutout

Social Shoutouts

Gain likes and followers, advertise your products and companies in our niche market for $10 per shoutout. A shoutout is a paid promotion on our Instagram and Facebook pages. We accept orders from Etsy shops, brands, and bloggers.

What You Receive

1. 1 shoutout on our Instagram and Facebook pages

How To Order

1. Choose your date

2. Checkout

3. Email your shoutout photo to (attn: Shoutout). Best at 1000 x 1000 pixels @ 72dpi. JPG. Include your preferred shoutout date. Include a brief description of what you would like your shoutout to say, and include #hastags. If you would like us to write something about your product, we can do that! 

Someone from our team will be in contact with you immediately after we receive your order.