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Unboxing & Product Review Video

CONGRATULATIONS! We have your product and can get filming!


Once payment is submitted we will start filming your unboxing video. Please allow 7 days for filming and editing.


The video will show the unboxing of your product and how it can be used. The video length will depend on what the product is and will be at least 2 minutes long with a voiceover.

I've ordered a previous PR unboxing video, can I order another one?

Yes, if you have a new product launch or want us to make another video tutorial for your brand or company, you can re-order as many times as you like.

Upgrade Package

We have over 2 million combined monthly views on our website, Pinterest, member list, YouTube channel, and other social media. Choose this option and we will also promote your product on our blog, Pinterest, and YouTube channel.

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