DIY Craft Club PR Package


DIY Craft Club PR Package

Step 1

Contact us first and tell us about your company and products. We will only accept quality products in the Home & Garden, DIY & Crafts and Food niches. Go through our website so that you have a clear understanding of what our readers would like. 

Step 2

Once we have approved your company, you will come back to this page to purchase the right package from the drop-down menu. Example: If you sell stationery and want us to review and promote two different sets of pens, you would choose 'Two Products'

Step 3

Send us your products. We will be in touch with our address. Once we have your products we can get started!

We are experts in creating professional content and getting it out there. Here's how we will promote your products. 


✔ Sponsored Blog Post

Your product will be featured in an enriched SEO-friendly blog post. The blog post will be at least 1000 words and will include professionally staged photos with links back to your website via our affiliate link (when applicable).

✔ Unboxing Video | Tutorial

Your product will be featured in a video on our YouTube channel. YouTube viewers love to watch unboxing videos and how-to videos. Our production videos are very high end with a run time between 2 minutes and 7 minutes. You can embed the video into your website and use for your social media. 

✔ Gift Guide Feature

Your product will be featured in one appropriate gift guide. Many of our gift guides are on the first page of Google.

✔ Permanent Ad

Your company will receive a permanent ad placed within an appropriate blog post with a link back to your website (or page of your choosing). Banner size is 200 x 1021 pixels. We will hyperlink our affiliate code whenever possible. Since we use a png file for our permanent ads, even if someone has an ad blocker, they will still see the ad within the blog post.

ad space for products


✔ Permanent Pinterest Pin

You will receive a permanent pin on one of our Pinterest boards. Pinterest is the main social media platform that we use for DIY Craft Club's marketing campaigns. We have over 1.8M viewers per month and unlike Facebook or Instagram, pins mature over time and are permanent, which is why we target Pinterest for most of our social marketing.


This package is the best value to help promote your product. We take the time to ensure everything is created in a professional manner with SEO curated information to help rank in the Google search which brings in qualified traffic. Our articles, videos, and promotions mature in a natural way over time. 

Our Demographics

81.2% of our visitors are women who are the ages of 20-54 who mostly live in the USA.

Our audience enjoys:

Gardening & planting

Home decor & improvement

DIY & craft projects

Bath & body tutorials

Product reviews & unboxings

Optimized For Google

Google search 'best bath bomb molds' or 'best glitter ideas for geode resin art' and you will see that DIY Craft Club is on the very first page, and often we win the google snippet as well as the very 1st ranking spot. Google ranking is the most important marketing strategy that we use when we are writing. We constantly go back to make changes on blog posts to ensure that they have the highest possible ranking at all times.


After purchasing, how long does this take?

Immediately after purchasing your package, we will be in touch with you to discuss your PR package. Once we have your product, we can start the PR. It normally takes 2-3 weeks for the blog post and video to be completed.