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We have made a promise to our readers. No pop-up ads. That's why we have reserved prime ad section on our main page. There is no better location for your brand to be seen by our qualified readers. Every visitor to our website will see your advertisement. Just seeing your ad on our front page will give you valuable brand recognition.

Your booking receives a large front page ad and full social media promotion across our platforms so you will see your products being Tweeted, featured on Instagram and on Facebook.

We only offer 6 ad spaces per month so your ad will truly stand out.

Ad space is provided for 1 month and runs from the 1st until the last day of the month. 

How To Order

1. Choose your month/s

2. Checkout

3. Email your logo to contact@DIYCraftClub.com (attn: Corporate Ads). Best at 840 x 840 pixels @ 300 dpi. JPG & PNG files ok.

Someone from our team will be in contact with you immediately after we receive your order.

• Ad's are placed on the front page in order of purchase.

• You may switch your ad up to 3 times during the month.

• Ad will link directly to your website

• Ad will run one full month 1st - end of month