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Best Influencer Programs For Paper Crafts

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Approved influencers get access our entire Digital Goods collections for FREE. AND your followers receive 40% off their orders.

Do you love paper crafts and scrapbooking?

Do you have a YouTube channel that teaches others how to craft?

Do you use scrapbooking papers and digital goods in your tutorials?

Are you constantly looking for printables and digital files to use for your creations?

Are you searching for new and exciting digital products to share with your fans and followers?

Do you have a following on at least one major social media platforms? Facebook, Instagram or YouTube?

If you said yes to any these questions, you may qualify!

Fill Out This Form and provide the following:

1. Social media handles and platforms, and number of followers for each.

2. A brief description of yourself, brand or channel, and how you will be using the DIY Craft Club printables and downloads.

How does this work?

If you qualify for our exclusive influencer program, we will get back to you with a unique code for you and your followers to start using right away.

When you use the digital goods files from our collection in your tutorials, you must do two things:

1. Link back to the exact paper(s) you are using on whatever platform you are sharing on. So if you are blogging about it, we ask that you link to our paper somewhere in your blog. Same goes with sharing on your social media or anywhere else online.

2. Please share your unique discount code to your followers.

That's it!

Facebook Group Owners & Moderators

If you own or moderate a Facebook group or page and would like to share a coupon with your group members, contact us. Your members will have full access to our collections and enjoy 40% off. 

Fill Out This Form and provide the following

1. Facebook group link

2. A brief description of your group and how you will be using the DIY Craft Club printables and downloads.