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Best UNBOXING & REVIEW VIDEOS For Brands & Amazon Shops

Best UNBOXING & REVIEW VIDEOS For Brands & Amazon Shops

Are you looking for a unique and customized marketing experience for your product or brand? You have come to the right place. We would love to work with you to get your product out there in front of more potential customers.

Unboxing and Review blog posts & videos are some of the most searched for terms on Google. People get excited when they see something new being opened up on screen. Viewers especially love seeing products that they already know about or have because it confirms that they have made the right buying choice when when they see that others have it too! 


Unboxing & review videos also cost less in the long run than running ads and they mature in a natural way over time as people like and share them.

Did you know that people will search for a product or brand name before making a decision before purchasing a product? This is your chance to get their attention with a video and your very own blog post that features your brand and product in a way that isn't salesy.

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Unboxing and product review posts & videos are good for:

• New product launches

• Popular products or products that need a video boost

• Showing how your product can be used in a professionally curated video

• Social sharing and embedding onto your website and product pages

• Well established brands

• New brands who need a social media boost

• Amazon products SEE OUR VIDEOS >>> 

• Etsy shops

Let's work together and get your products out there with your very own video and blog post.

best unboxing videos and product reviews

OUR VIDEOS ARE UNIQUE, PROFESSIONAL AND GET RIGHT TO THE POINT. We provide straight forward information about your product and how it can be used. 

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Before You Submit Your Product For Approval Keep In Mind These Key Points

• Does your product fit in with our readership? Browse through our website to make sure we are a good fit first. We are accepting quality products for craft supplies, art supplies, stationery, subscription boxes, home & garden, kitchen tools.

• No products that are for children will be accepted.


1 product review video with your products that will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and our Amazon store with your product tagged.

1 blog post talking about your product with professional photos.

10 video pins on our Pinterest with over 1M monthly viewers.


PRICE $175 + Your Product Mailed To Us

Step 1: Tell us about your company and products by filling out this formWhen submitting your brand & product, include the link to the product that you would like to submit for the unboxing and review. We will determine if you are right for our readers by visiting your product page. 

Step 2: Once payment has been submitted through our secure checkout page, we will contact you to arrange for the product to be mailed to us and put you on the filming schedule. Exciting!

If you are here because we have contacted and pre-approved your company, you can immediately schedule your premiere here

Our readers are important to us and we will only feature quality products on our website and YouTube channel. Check out some of the brands who have trusted us to make amazing video content for them.