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Hi and welcome! Is there anyone more creative than Amada Rach Lee? Her planner ideas makes us want to shut our office door and doodle in our planners all day and night. Who needs to work when we can make our planners beautiful like shining little diamonds instead. Like seriously, she packs so much creativity into one video! Heck, we have to search around Pinterest just for a simple calendar spread never mind coming up with 50 doodles all at once!

Over 500,000 of you agree which makes this video one of the best that we have shared with our readers. (Remember that promise that we made about only sharing the best content rich DIY tutorials?)! We are certainly delivering today!

♥ Enjoy! And for those who are about to watch this video from work, you better stop smiling or everyone will know you are watching planner vids.

Bullet Journal & Planner Spread Ideas - DIY planner tutorials and ideas for junk journal and planner addicts. www.DIYCraftClub.com

♥ For those who are coming back to find a specific doodle we have made a key for you at the bottom of this post.

Thank you Amanda for being your amazing and beautiful self! If you try some of these doodles please let us know how it went below in the comments and tag our Instagram. We read all comments and can't wait to see who tries this tutorial.


:20 Leaves
2:40 Flowers
4:55 Jars
5:50 Star & Space
6:45 Clouds
7:00 Feathers
7:15 Crystals & Gemstones
7:50 Fruit
8:10 Bugs & Butterflies
8:40 Waves
9:05 Sea Shells
9:25 Cacti & Succulents
11:00 Snowflakes
11:40 Fireworks
11:55 Archery Arrows
12:05 Mountains
12:15 Stationery
12:25 Geometric
12:45 Bird
12:55 Boat



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  • Moderator on

    Hi Barb! Thanks for watching today. There is a key at the bottom of the tutorial so if there is a particular picture or doodle you would like to see you can go to that time number and then press pause to give yourself more time. Hope that helps! ♥ Sending lots of crafty love.

  • Barb Arehart on

    Could you please go a little slower and actually show us the pic before you move on to the next one? It would be much appreciated!

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