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Marketing Ideas For Your Shopify Website

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It's the little things that your customers remember. The pretty ribbon, the crinkle sound of tissue as they unwrap their purchase, the handwritten notes. All of these special touches give your customers an unforgettable unboxing experience. 

An easy way to add a personal touch to your packaging is by simply adding stickers. Stickers are great because they are cost-effective and help your packaging look smart & professional. Here are some great choices to help get your packages perfect.

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Kraft Thank You Stickers by Garage Sale Pup

These thank you stickers are printed on high-quality natural kraft paper. They would be a great addition to rustic style or vintage packaging. Use these as envelope seals or embellishing thank you cards. These stickers come in two rolls of 500 and include one heart roll and one round. The heart labels are 1.5 inches and the rounds are 1.25 inches. 

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Gold Foil Thank You Stickers by Purple Q Crafts

When you need to add a touch of elegance, try these gold foil stickers. The classic heart design is printed on quality foil paper and is an ideal way to express your appreciation. These stickers come in a roll of 500 and the labels are 1.5 inches.

gold foil thank you stickers for business marketing

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Hand Made With Love Stickers by Hybsk

What a nice thoughtful touch for your handmade gifts and products. This roll comes with 500 stickers and each sticker is 1.5 inches round. 

handmade with love stickers for etsy stores


Printable stickers are a great choice because they are cost-effective and you can use them right away. Our collection of printable stickers are easy to use. Simply download, print, cut them out and apply. For best results, print them out on sticker paper. You can also use regular printer paper and apply them with stick glue.

 Thank you printable stickers


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