Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint Review

January 25, 2018

Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint Review

We have been using Golden Fluid Acrylics for a few years now and absolutely love them. These paints are highly intense permanent colors for indoor use. The flow is like a thick cream so these paints will give you a perfect line every single time without any fuss. There is no loss of pigment when mixed with another medium which is another reason why we enjoy using them so much.

Golden fluid acrylic paints are high pigment paints that artists use for fine art,  line paintings, dirty pours, and geode paintings. Golden fluid paints have a medium flow which allows for clean lines. They keep their bold colors due to their high pigment load even when mixed with water and other mediums.

We can't say enough about the pigment load. The colors are bold and a little goes a long way! A 1 oz bottle seems to last and last but if you are using this type of paint for a large project or using them for dirty pours, they also come in larger sizes too. So if you are a professional artist or a home crafter there are several sizes and price points to choose from depending on your project.

How to use golden fluid acrylic paints - Product review by DIY Craft Club

When shopping for your paints, be sure to read the back labels for any instructions or warnings. Labels tell you how paints will blend and how they will cover. Some paints are opaque and others are for light washes. This is important! You don't want to accidentally buy the wrong coverage. In the example below, you can see how each color has a different level of coverage.

When you are using any kind of craft supplies be sure you are practicing good craft room and studio habits: No eating, have good ventilation, use gloves etc. Always read the back labels of any product and protect yourself accordingly.

DIY Craft Club - Product review - Golden Fluid Acrylic Paints

We found that some paints need shaking before use, especially the iridescent colors if they have been sitting for a while. We can't say enough about the iridescent pigments! The colors are simply stunning. Below is a sample of some galaxy jewelry we hand painted using the gold and bronze iridescent colors.

Golden Fluid Acrylic paints are produced using lightfast pigments and contain no fillers or extenders. Lightfastness describes how resistant to fading a product is when exposed to light so if you are a professional artist there is no need to worry about integrity over time. These paints allow for smooth flowing applications while retaining color intensity, tinting strength, film integrity, and adhesion.

Golden fluid acrylic paints. Product review. DiyCraftClub.com

Golden Fluid Acrylic paints come in many colors but if you are just starting out you might want to try a few primary colors to experiment with first. You can mix a wide range of shades and hues with just the basics. Below we have mixed a variety of beautiful colors with just 3 paints using Pyrrole Red, Ultramarine Blue, and Cadmium Yellow.

If you are a rock painter then these paints are for you! Here we used Cadmium Red and Carbon Black to paint these ladybug rocks. The coverage and easy way to paint small lines is so simple! The paint goes right into those little crevasses with ease.

If you use Golden Fluid Acrylics please let us know in the comments and tag our Instagram if you have a finished project to share with us





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