Best Floral Washi Tape

March 23, 2018

Best Floral Washi Tape

You don't have to look very far to see that florals are hot this year. After a super long winter, it's refreshing to see pretty flower patterns popping up everywhere. We couldn't help but look to see what's happening with this year's washi tape offerings. There are so many cool designs out right now so it was really hard to choose. We hope our top floral washi tape picks help make your floral dreams come true. 

Tanpopo Floral Collection

This set by Tanpopo has a wide variety of delicate and bold designs in several color tones. They give you tons to choose from in one set and that makes us really excited! We love that this collection comes with designs associated with the 4 seasons so you can use these gorgeous washi tapes throughout the whole year.

Best floral washi tape

 Knaid Floral Washi Tape Collection

These decorative floral tapes are whimsical and just lovely. They are made from premium paper and will stick to almost any surface without leaving a sticky residue. This collection features a variety of beautiful flower and grass designs. We love how they look like little watercolor paintings. Precious!

Knaid floral washi tape collection

Antner Floral Collection

This floral set by Antner is simply stunning! Each tape in this set is beautiful and unique. There are so many varieties to choose from so this set can be used for a vintage feel or cottage chic look for your project. The colors are highly saturated and vibrant. Really loving the darker florals that they have offered in this set.

Antner floral washi tape collections

Crafty Rabbit Floral Washi Tape Collection

Could not help but pick this set as a favorite for this year. Look at the larger tape with the bird and floral design. Swooning over that so much! The five star reviews continue to pile up for Crafty Rabbit and we can't wait to start trying out different craft ideas with this set. Keep watch for new tutorials!

Crafty Rabbit floral washi tape collections

Poproo Floral Washi Tape Set

Another set we must have! This amazing collection by Poproo comes with 10 gorgeous patterns. Really love how each tape looks like a beautiful painting. This set is perfect for cardmaking, scrapbooking accents, or to embellish your planner spreads for this spring and summer. Be sure to check the size before ordering so that you know what to expect. Sometimes washi tape can look huge in pictures but not in real life!

Poproo washi tape floral collection


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