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10 Best Washi Tape Designs For 2020 | Where To Buy Washi Tape Online

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You don't have to look very far to see that Washi tape is a staple in every craft room. It's refreshing to see so many designs, pretty flower patterns, and Kawaii cuteness popping up everywhere! We couldn't help but take a look to see what's happening with this year's Washi tape offerings. There are a TON of cool designs out right now! And to be honest, we just want them all!

We use Washi tape in our planners almost every day so there's quite a large stash here. 

What Is Washi Tape?

Washi tape is an adhesive tape that comes in a variety of colors and designs. The adhesive is not as strong as regular tape so it can be used in journals and a variety of crafting and paper craft projects. In Japan, Washi tape is called masking tape or MT and the original version was created by Kamoi Kakoshi company. The name Washi means Japanese paper. (Wa - Japanese shi- paper).

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Here's The Best 10 Washi Tape Collections For 2020

1. KOVANO Washi Tape

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This washi tape set has a wide variety of delicate and bold designs in several color tones. They give you tons of Washi tape styles to choose from in one set and that makes us really excited! We love that this collection comes with designs associated with the 4 seasons so you can use these gorgeous Washi tapes throughout the whole year.

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2. Knaid Floral Washi Tape Collection

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These decorative floral Washi tapes are whimsical and just lovely. They are made from premium paper and will stick to almost any surface without leaving a sticky residue. This Washi tape collection features a variety of beautiful flower and grass designs. We love how they look like little watercolor paintings. Precious!

best floral washi tape to try

3. Agutape 48 Count Washi Tape

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Here's the skinny set you have been looking for! This Washi tape set comes in many designs (I really love the foils!) These are very thin so they are perfect to use in planners to mark off important dates or cover mistakes. This is a great set because of the variety of colors and elements like stars, hearts and dotted Washi. This is a must have for sure! Look at the little clouds, swoon!

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4. Antner Floral Collection Washi Tape

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This floral set by Antner is simply stunning! Each tape in this set is beautiful and unique. There are so many varieties to choose from so this set can be used for a vintage feel or cottage chic look for your project. The colors are highly saturated and vibrant. Really loving the darker florals that they have offered in this set. This is the Washi tape set I would grab for my junk journal projects.

flower washi tape

5. Crafty Rabbit Washi Tape Collections

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We could not help but pick this set as a favorite for this year! Look at the little bunnies. Swooning over them so much! The five-star reviews continue to pile up for Crafty Rabbit and we can't wait to start trying out different craft ideas with this set. Keep watch for new tutorials! Crafty Rabbit has a TON of Washi tape to choose from in their listing so you can go through and pick your favorite sets.

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6. Poproo Floral Washi Tape Set

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Another set we must have! This amazing collection by Poproo comes with gorgeous floral patterns that remind us of spring and summer. Really love how each tape looks like a beautiful painting. This Washi tape set is perfect for cardmaking, scrapbooking accents, or to embellish your planner spreads for this spring and summer. Be sure to check the size before ordering so that you know what to expect. Sometimes washi tape can look huge in pictures but not in real life!

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7. Hwook Nature Themed Washi Tape Pack

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If you love nature and nature-themed Washi tape, then this set must be added to your stash! These tapes are brightly colored and come with flowers, botanicals and just look at that swan Washi tape! Use them for all of your card-making and decorative ideas for you planners and journals.

nature themed washi tape

8. Aloha Washi Tape

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Ok, when I was getting this collection together I immediately hit add to cart on this set! When I saw the cute little bananas, I went bananas haha! This Washi tape collection comes with 16 rolls and features cute Kawaii like designs like little birds, ice cream, hearts, and donuts. Ooh! I can't wait until mine arrives! I'll be sure to post a review for you all when they do!

kawaii washi tape

9. These Cute Animal Washi Tape Designs By Dalus

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If you need cute and cuddly animals in your life (I do!), then this set of 20 Washi tape rolls by Dalus is your dream pack. This is one of the most darling sets I've seen! The little bunny and llamas oh my! This is a box of color and fun. Wouldn't these make nice accents to handmade gift wrapping!

washi tape with cute animals

10. Gold Foil Washi Tape Set

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This set has two things that I love in a Washi tape set. Gold foil and a skinny width! The width is just 3mm and I find this size just perfect for so many things like covering up mistakes in my journal and also for card-making and accents for gift wrapping. These are shiny and gorgeous!

gold foil washi tape

Wondering what Washi tape is made from?

Well, let's start off with traditional Washi paper which is made with fibers from the inner bark of the Gampi tree. Washi paper goes well beyond writing and drawing. You know those beautiful Japanese umbrellas? Those are made from Washi!  Making Washi paper is a form of art and it inspires beauty, transparency, and quality. Although traditional Washi paper is made from the Gampi tree, it's also made from other natural sources like hemp, bamboo, rice, and wheat.

And now to Washi tape. Washi tape is traditionally made from rice paper. You can also find Washi tape made from hemp and bamboo. Keep in mind that companies might make their own versions of Washi tape with other materials.

One of the reasons why we love Washi tape so much is that real Washi tape is biodegradable and non-toxic! And the history behind the actual making of the paper just makes it even more special! Washi tape is great to use in papercrafts such as planners, organizers, journals, junk journals, paper flowers, origami, homemade cards, wrapping paper, in books and more because it doesn't leave any residue. So if you are using Washi tape for decorations or to mark a page, it's perfect for that!

Here are some inspiring Washi videos for you.



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