BEST Gemstone & Crystal Ideas To Add To Or Use For Geode Resin Art [2019]


You can use crystals, rocks, beads, glass, sea glass marbles and more as your gemstones and crystals in your geode resin art. Find all the gemstone ideas for geode resin art here!

Geode art is taking the DIY world by storm, and we are absolutely in love with what we have seen out there. If you have read our interview with geode resin artist Mrs. Colorberry, you already know just how amazing some of those geode resin art pieces can be.

Mrs. Colorberry geode resin artist interview talking about geode resin art

Have you ever wondered what geode resin artists use for the gemstone portion of their geode resin art?

Geode resin art is a lovely combination of art resin, glitter, gemstones of some kind, and really anything else you would like to include in your creation such as gold leaf or pens for making those gorgeous lined details separating the different colors.

Geode resin art is an artistic creation made out of resin to erpresent a geode

One question we have heard being asked is:

What can I use for the gemstones and crystals in geode resin art?

With geode resin art, you can use a variety of different items for your gemstones and crystals. Use rose quartz, amethyst, and crystals with epoxy resin, they are popular, but there are so many different materials out there. Read on to see the 10 ideas we came up with for what you can use for the gemstone or crystal portion of your geode resin art!

In this article, we explore a multitude of different ideas that you can use for the gemstone pieces in your geode resin art, and we bet you will find yourself inspired to try a few of these yourself!!

Before using any of these methods you must have on the proper safety gear to prevent injury. Eye protection and gloves are crucial. These methods are for advanced users and are not for children. After you have read this article, you can read our article talking specifically about safety gear and precautions when working with epoxy resin.

Before getting started, it is very important to make sure you are wearing the proper personal protective gear, as many artists get the right effect for their gemstones by smashing them with a hammer. So we definitely recommend some good leather gloves and protective eye gear. Have a set of tools that are only used for your geode resin art sessions, as you don't want these to get dirty or greasy by leaving them for use in your garage or workshop. You can check the prices on geode resin gloves here and some great eye protection here.

10 Ideas For Gemstones and Crystals In Your Geode Resin Art

1. Actual Gemstones

There are so many different gemstones you can use in your geode resin art. Some of the popular ones are the ones that are somewhat transparent, such as rose quartz, amethyst or crystals, but who says you have to follow any rules when it comes to creating?

You can use rose quartz to add to and decorate your geode resin art

So go ahead and explore raw amber ( or polished amber, which can be found here, depending on the look you are going for!) turquoise or even jade if you are wanting to explore different gemstones and colors!

you can use turquoise gemstones in your geode resin art

You can even find a mixture of really beautiful, crushed or whole stones that would work beautifully in a geode resin piece. This seller has all different colors and color combinations to choose from if you are looking for a variety! Click the image below to see what else they have in their shop. This is my favorite color combination for crystals and gemstones for geode resin art!

Blue, purple, teal, aqua and clear gemstones add dimension and depth to geode resin art

What I would recommend if you are planning on taking the gemstone trail to epoxy resin art heaven, is to go into a shop on Amazon that sells a wholesale lot of gemstones so you can pick and choose. We love this natural gemstone mix.

bulk natural gemstones that you can smash to add a realistic effect to your geode resin art

If you are not a fan of the natural look of the above gemstones and are looking for a more polished look, here is a kit of gemstones for jewelry that you can use, just keep in mind the size of the piece you will be working on and whether there is enough of the gem you are seeking in this kit.

Gemstone kit for geode resin art, full of stones and gems to can add to your geode


Before using any of these methods you must have on the proper safety gear to prevent injury. Eye protection and gloves are crucial. These methods are for advanced users and not for children. Use tweezers to pick up the glass pieces.

And once the gemstones that you choose to work with arrives, you can either use them whole, or break them apart using a hammer, just be sure to cover your gemstone with a cloth and wear some personal protective equipment over your eyes in case any of those small pieces go flying. Then you can size them to your liking, and any powder residue that comes off can all be a part of your creation as well!

Hammer time! Use protective equipment when smashing stones and gems for geode resin art

2. Bulk Crystals

So many epoxy resin geode artists are finding long clear quartz crystals to add to their geode resin art. Real crystals can be hard to find, but these bulk crystals from Amazon have very high reviews. They come in 30-50 pieces per order and vary in size. They are unsorted and are natural, sourced from the Harena Mine and because they are natural, there are some which may have a bit of a hue, but if you want real crystals these would do the job. Check them out below!

Real crystals that are natural and clear for geode epoxy resin art

3. Glass

This is one you have to be careful with, as I am sure you understand. But you can use any old glass you find, and break apart using the method mentioned above, while wearing your protective eyeglasses and gloves. You can use old mugs, cups, old windows, glass from framed pictures you find at a garage sale. There are a ton of options out there. Do not try this option unless you are wearing the proper safety gear. Glass is sharp!!

Broken glass for geode resin art

You can even opt to search out old drinking glasses and old bottles if you want to find colored glass: beer bottles, glass soda bottles, old decorative bottles... You can find a multitude of colored glass out there.

4. Sea Glass

Like glass, sea glass is pieces of weathered glass that have been washed smooth by the rolling of the waves of the ocean. (Doesn't that sound just so relaxing?) So if you live near a beach, great! You can find and collect sea glass and maybe start a geode resin sea glass project! Typically, sea glass comes in shades of light blues and greens.

If you don’t live near a beach and love the sound of this idea, you can also find sea glass online here.

Sea glass for art and crafts great for geodes

5. Shells

While we are on a beach theme, dreaming of turquoise wave-inspired geodes with notes of white wave crests throughout (so dreamy, right?) wouldn't some actual sea shells look just gorgeous as the gemstone part of your geode resin art? I am talking about the inside, iridescent and reflective part of say an oyster shell or a mussel shell. Once again, when in Rome... (or on the beach) collect away!! If not though and you just want to recreate the beach in your geode resin art for some serene and calming vibes, here is a link to some reflective shells for crafting that you can buy for a great price! 

Bulk shells for arts and craft projects and geode resin art and glitter pours

6. Christmas Ornaments

Yes, some of those that are near and dear to your heart, keep safe and stored properly. I am talking about some of those “cheap” ornaments that you are not sentimentally attached to. You know those Christmas baubles that may be green or blue or multicolored that when smashed, are silver and reflective inside.

broken ornament for geode resin art gemstones and reflective pieces

If you don’t have any that you feel like smashing to smithereens (I get it) you can find some cheap ones on Amazon (check prices here). Keep in mind though, the newer ones are typically made with a type of plastic that gives you a glass feel but is shatterproof (which means they won't smash if accidentally dropped on the ground, but this is nothing your hammer can’t handle).

And please take the same precautions when smashing and remember, these will smash easily so the less force the better. Then you will get a mixture of whatever color you choose and have the silver reflective inside.

Christmas balls for geode art

7. Mirrors

Yes, you can certainly smash an old mirror that you have if you are not superstitious (we aren’t!) but if you don’t want to do that, there are so many crafting options out there that you can buy that are smaller and may not require smashing. But adding those reflective pieces will add dazzle and sparkle to your geode resin art that will have you oohing and ahhing. Check out the assortment of shapes and sizes of mirrors I found here

8. Flat Marbles

These are absolutely perfect for adding an exposed “gemstone” feel. You know the ones, you see them all the time at the bottoms of fish tanks and in vases for flowers. They come in a multitude of colors and again can be either smashed to tiny pieces or kept whole or partially whole, depending on the look you are going for. Find them here on Amazon.

flat marbles for geode resin artwork


9. Old School Marbles

These sure bring back the memories. I used to collect these as a kid and play with other neighborhood kids to see which marbles I could get. (There were always those few I didn’t play with though, for fear of losing. Can you relate?!) Those old-school marbles are a super great find for using in your geode resin pours as they are each unique and are so diverse. You can get solid color block ones, or the original marbles which are the clear blown glass with the swirls of color in them.

Marbles to smash for geode resin art

Are you feeling inspired for some ideas yet? Because we sure are!!! Don’t worry if you can’t dig our your old marble collection though. I wouldn’t want to smash my childhood memories and lose my marbles! (hehe) Instead, grab some for a great price right here. Plus, these ones come in a really cute tin marble canister!

10. Jewelry

If you can get your hands on a jewelry-making kit like the one below, you will have a super diverse choice of items you can use. From the tiny metal clasps and rings for some interesting and unique details to the bead and the stones used, your imagination is the only thing that will limit you on this one.


jewelry making kit for creating geode resin art


11. Gold Leaf

You might be thinking of using gold, silver or rose gold leaf already in your geode resin art. But I bet you were not thinking of it being used like this: find some small pebbles and stones from the yard or the road and use your glue stick or modge podge to give them a light coating. Then roll them in gold leaf, using a stiff bristle paint brush to make sure you push the leafing into every crevice of the rocks. Now it looks like you are using tiny actual pieces of gold in the pour!


gold leaf for geode resin art


12. Fish Tank Embellishments

Yes! You can get craft supplies anywhere!! The bottoms of fish tanks are always covered in this beautiful rocky substance that would be amazing in geode resin art. Blues, green, hot pinks…Even black! There are so many different colors you can get! Check out the aquarium gravel we found here!

blue aquarium gravel for art and craft projects and to use in your geode resin art project

    13. DIY Your Own Polished Rocks and Gemstones- Get The Kids Involved!

    Another thing you can do, is polish your own rocks and gemstones! When I was about 10-12, my parents bought a rock tumbler for me which we kept in the garage. I would sit in the driveway, walk through the parks and find the most beautiful stones I could, and put them in the rock tumbler, and over time they would come out as these gorgeous stones that were perfectly polished! And what a great way to get your kids involved in your craft! Have them choose the stones to polish, and then you can make the geode resin art for your kids or for the room, or have them make it with you when the time comes! Show them what they can create, and that their imagination is limitless when it comes to art! 

    Make your own gemstones for geode resin art from rocks

    Check out this rock tumbler by National Geographic. And it even comes with half a pound of rough, raw gemstones to start off! 

    Geode resin art projects that the kids can do and help you with

    14. Fire Glass

    We are ending our list of gemstone and crystal ideas for your geode resin art on a very exciting, high note, saving the best for last! Do you know what fire glass is? Think of those gorgeous modern fireplaces with that sparkly, reflective glass at the bottom. We found a supplier that does not tumble the glass before you get it, so it is extremely reflective and luminous!!! Plus, it is tempered and it is also available in 10lb. jars so you can do big projects with it! You can also choose between 1/2 size pieces and 1/4 size pieces!!! (Or you can get both to do a ring of bigger reflective pieces and a ring of small geode sections to make it look even more realistic).

    We are a HUGE fan of fire glass for geode resin art, and you can check the price here!

    Sparkly fire glass for use in art decoration projects and geode resin arts and crafts

    Now, to organize those geode resin art supplies!

    Now that we have talked all about our crystal and gemstone ideas for geode resin art, we want to share our geode resin art wish item... We are totally dreaming of this perfect geode resin art craft station dedicated to our geode resin art projects.

    The best desk for a craft room with shelves and organization for arts and projects

    This craft organizer has cupboards for holding your art resins, inserts inside the doors for your tools and safety wear, shelves to classify all of your glitter and gemstones to add and the perfect 53 x 24" work surface on top for your geode resin pours. It also comes in a choice of 3 colors!

    Craft table to do geode resin art on

    We hope you found these ideas useful and that we lit a spark for your inner geode resin art genius! And don’t forget to try different things! Experiment and most importantly, ENJOY doing it! And if you liked this post, be sure to pin it for later.

    Also, if you want to read about how to use epoxy resin to create geode resin art safely, make sure to check out our article "Safety Check | What You Need To Know About Working With Epoxy Resin Safely". 

    Learn all about the safety equipment for working with epoxy resin

    If you are an Amazon shopper and are interested in purchasing any of the products we listed for you above, we are also going to put a coupon below for you if you would like to grab a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime. This means super fast, free delivery on the products you order, free Prime video (shows and movies), free book downloads and more, and you can cancel anytime.

    Happy creating!!

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