Best Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

March 22, 2018

Best Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

There are so many fun and cool ways to decorate Easter eggs and we can't resist to try out new product ideas. We love setting aside a quiet afternoon to play with different designs and decorate the day away in pure craft bliss.

It's hard not to fall in love with your Easter eggs once you are finished decorating. We all do it, leave the room for a while and come back to check on how pretty they are again and again (all day long!). 

There's something extremely satisfying about decorating eggs, and this is a craft that we look forward to all year. We've hatched up some great Easter egg finds to help put a fun and fresh spin on your Easter egg decorating this year. Have fun, let your imagination run wild, and be sure to check out some of our tutorials.

Wink Of Stella Brush Markers

Best Easter egg decorating ideas

Try adding some glitter and shimmer with these Japanese made Wink Of Stella glimmer brush pens. This set comes in 10 shades that will take your decorating to the next level. These pens leave a beautiful subtle shimmer to your eggs. Beware, after using this set you will want to add shimmering accents to everything!

Alcohol Inks by Ranger

Best Easter egg decorating ideas ranger alcohol inks

The only thing stopping you here is your own imagination! These dye based, multi-surface inks are acid-free, permanent and quick drying. They create a vibrant, polished effect. Alcohol inks are full pigment dyes so a little goes a long way. Be sure to use them with gloves to avoid staining. You will also need blending solution or regular isopropyl alcohol that you can pick up at your local drug store. Check out some tutorials on YouTube on how to use them if you have never tried them before.

Natural Egg Dye Kit

Best Easter egg dye kits natural dyes

A great option for those who want to use natural dyes but don't want to make your own from scratch this year. This natural egg dye kit is made with fruits, herbs, and veggies. It's 100% safe and non-toxic. Ingredients include pure, natural fruit & vegetable extracts (spinach, purple carrots, turmeric, beets, red cabbage, and blueberries). The excellent reviews continue to pile up for these plant-based dyes. Be sure to grab your pack before they sell out this year.

Temporary Tattoo Paper

Best Easter egg decorating ideas

Create fun and unique designs by simply printing out your favorite pictures on temporary tattoo paper. There are tons of Etsy sellers that sell Easter designs specifically for decorating eggs!


Best Easter egg decorating ideas 2018

We first saw this product on Shark Tank and couldn't wait to share it! Such a cool and simple idea to get your lines perfect. This set comes with its own markers but just think of the possibilities! We know you crafty people will find all kinds of ways to use this egg decorating kit. This requires 4 AA batteries that you will need to purchase separately.

Watercolor Pencils

Best Easter egg decorating ideas watercolor pencils

Do you have an artsy talent? Try your hand at creating your own designs with watercolor pencils. This set comes in 24 vivid colors, and all you need is to add water to get beautiful effects.

Krylon Leafing Pen

Best Easter egg decorating ideas

If you want the elegance of real copper leaf added to your Easter eggs, then try this leafing pen by Krylon. The copper color is shiny and rich. The pigment looks great on top of darker colors and even on its own for creative doodles.

Scribbles 3d Paint

Best ways to decorate Easter eggs

Add shimmer, color, and dimension with this pack of 3D paints by Scribbles. This set includes 20 jeweled toned paints that are nontoxic. Use them for cute dots and for border accents.

Violette Stickers Tea Cups

Best stickers for decorating Easter eggs

Decorate your Easter eggs with these elegant french teacup stickers. These delicate little teacups are so cute! They easily peel right off of the backing and are beautifully die cut. 

KittyKraft Extra Fine Glitter

Best glitter for crafts and decorating Easter eggs

Eek! If you are not obsessed with glitter, look away! High-quality, extra fine, non-toxic glitter powder. This deluxe set comes in 28 varieties in a beautiful assortment of holographic, metallic and iridescent colors. Grab your craft glue and go glitter crazy.

Zig Watercolor Jewel Box

 Watercolor paints for Easter eggs

If you want to try your hand at painting your Easter eggs from scratch, you might like this pearlescent watercolor jewel box by Zig. This set contains 12 beautiful pearlescent colors in a handy cd-style storage case. This set will add a touch of shimmer and is great for painting florals.

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