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Behind The Scenes At LUSH

Behind The Scenes At LUSH

Hi friends. We have something pretty exciting to share with you today. Have you ever wondered how LUSH makes their Bath Bombs? Or how they mold a French Kiss Bubble Bar? A very pleasant morning was spent watching some pretty unique behind the scenes videos from the LUSH factory. 

The LUSH factory is fascinating and it would be incredible to go on a tour one day. It's so cool to see behind the scenes and their videos are so addicting to watch. LUSH looks like such a fun place to work. Everyone seems so happy and the positive comments continue to pile up on their channel. Whenever I'm able to go to Lush, the vibes in the store that's nearby is always positive. I love being in there! And they go out of their way to show customers their new products and how to use them!

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behind the scenes at lush

What we love about LUSH is that they are an advocate for the environment, animals, and people in need. Charitable giving is at the heart of their business and they go to great lengths to make sure the ingredients they use are ethical.

Here are four behind the scenes LUSH videos that we especially love.

How a French Kiss Bubble Bar is made

How LUSH makes their Sleepy Body Lotion

Is anyone brave enough to try a Golden Egg bath melt?

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Ethical buying

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We hope you found these videos useful, informative and exciting! We are such huge fans of Lush and are very happy to share a brand that makes such amazing products and that truly cares for the environment.

Have you ever tried to make your own bath bombs?

And if you are interested in making your own bath bombs, they are so fun to make. Plus, they make fantastic gifts! Check out our post on how to make your own bath bombs at home here.

Don't forget if you are wondering how to get those super cute shapes for your bath bombs, or even just the basic "bomb" shape for your bath bomb, you will need some bath bomb molds. We have explored which materials make great bath bomb molds (silicone, aluminum or stainless steel) and share some great finds with you on our Best Bath Bomb Molds article! 

how to make your own bath bombs

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