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Fall Wreath Ideas & Supplies | DIY Fall Wreath Making

Fall wreath ideas and supplies

Fall is our absolute most favorite season. We can hardly wait to start decorating with those beautiful ambers and golds and fall wreaths. The thought of walking through the park at that point where most of the leaves are still on the trees, but some have fallen, coloring the edges of the sidewalk with sunset orange and red just makes us swoon. You can get so much inspiration for fall crafts by just taking walks outside, and grabbing inspiration for fall wreath making is no exception. Isn't it so fun making and decorating your front door and porch with fall wreaths?

If you have found this article, you are probably ready to adorn your house with burlap and berries, so you want to start by making your own fall wreath. What do you need to make a wreath? To make a wreath, you need a wreath base, either styrofoam, metal or wood and then your choice of embellishments and hot glue or floral pins.

We have some amazing fall wreath ideas we can't wait to share with you! These fall wreaths are a great project for you, or they can be made with kids (just make sure an adult is using the hot glue) or, if you are going to or hosting a wreath-making party, this will totally spice up your creative wreath-making ideas! Let's dive in!

Fall Wreath Ideas & Supplies

To start with your fall wreath making adventure, you are going to need supplies. Let's start with your basic fall wreath making supplies and get into fall wreath ideas as we go along!

1. Styrofoam Fall Wreath Base

Check prices on Amazon here

You may want to consider the styrofoam wreath base to make your fall wreath with. If you are going to use this material, plan on making a wreath that will completely cover the base. This wreath base is good if you plan on wrapping it in burlap or adding a lot of leaves or another material that covers it. Just remember that you won't want the base styrofoam to show through.

You can find styrofoam wreath bases for really great prices on Amazon right here. There are a variety of sizes, and many come in packs of several for your future wreath-making projects. Here you will also find rounded wreaths or flat wreaths, it is just a matter of preference.

fall wreath ideas and supplies

Also, when using a styrofoam wreath base, you will probably want to use a hot glue gun to adhere your embellishments or floral pins you can push into the styrofoam to secure your decor, which you can also find on Amazon here, and the prices are much cheaper than you would find from a florist.

 fall wreath supplies and ideas

2. Wire Fall Wreath Frame

Check price on Amazon here

If you are looking for a very full wreath, maybe showcasing fall foliage in shades of sunset yellows and oranges, or if straw and hay is more your style, this wreath may be for you. This wreath style will allow you to wrap strings of garland around the metal wires while maintaining the light feel so it won't be too heavy hanging on your door.

Fall wreath supplies and ideas

The one you see above is from Amazon, and you can check the price here. It comes in a pack of two!

Fall wreath ideas and supplies

Compare prices of wire wreaths on Amazon here

3. Hoop Wreaths For Fall

Check prices of hoop wreaths on Amazon here

These are a personal wreath making favorite. I love making these hoop wreaths and hanging them in my windows! They are simple and can be so beautiful.

Fall wreath making ideas

You can also find sets of three on Amazon that come in different shapes, and coordinate your decor.

Hoop wreaths found on Amazon for wreath making ideas

4. Grapevine Fall Wreaths

Check price of grapevine wreath bases on Amazon here

Grapevine wreaths are a very popular wreath base for fall wreath-making. If you live in an area where grapes are abundant, you can totally make this yourself! Otherwise, find grapevine wreaths premade for a super amazing price on Amazon right here.

Fall wreath making ideas

Let's continue our fall wreath-making ideas and supplies with the embellishments you can add to these gorgeous wreath bases!

5. Metallic Paint To Color Your Wreath Base

Something you may want to consider, especially if you want to go with the metal wreath base or the styrofoam wreath base, is painting it a fall color in case it peeks through in places. For this, we would suggest a gold or copper metallic paint.

For a wreath painting project, I would recommend a metallic acrylic paint. A brand of paint we like to use here at DIY Craft Club is Jacquard. You can find a variety of metallic acrylic paints by Jacquard on Amazon right here.

Fall wreath making supplies

These metallic acrylic paints are also great if you want to paint a gourd or pumpkin for a centerpiece, or tiny pumpkins to add to your fall wreath!

6. Burlap Ribbon For Fall Wreath Making

I love decorating a fall wreath with burlap. You can wrap the burlap easily around a styrofoam wreath base, or use the floral pins that we mentioned above to pin the burlap in intricate folds on your styrofoam.

Fall wreath making supplies

You can also weave your burlap ribbon through your wire wreath base or make it into beautiful bows to add to any wreath style. This burlap ribbon from Amazon is made specifically for wreath-making, and the edge of this burlap ribbon is sewn so there will be minimal fraying, which can be an issue if you are buying other burlap ribbons.

Fall wreath making supplies

7. Fall-Themed Wreath Ribbon

The absolute abundance of fall-themed ribbon you can find on Amazon is endless and is a matter of preference in width, color and look you are going for! Plus, you will find your supplies for the best price there. I would recommend you look for satin or fabric ribbon.

fall ribbon for wreath making

Compare price of fall ribbons on Amazon here.

8. Wooden Words & Letters For Fall Wreaths

Adding your own personal message or greeting to a wreath is a totally cute way to welcome guests to your home. "Welcome", "Thankful", "Hello" are some popular choices you can find on Amazon. You can also find letters from Amazon for your family name!

Fall wreath making supplies and ideas

Find a variety of cutout words for wreaths on Amazon here

Keep in mind, if your wreath is going to be outside, you will need to seal with paint or a polyurethane sealer such as Minwax's fast-drying aerosol sealer from Amazon found here.

9. Fall Garland To Decorate Wreath

Fall-themed garland is an excellent tool for decorating your wreath. Weave it around your wreath, or have your whole wreath done in garland!

Fall garland to decorate wreath

What I love about decorating fall wreaths with garland, is there are so many different kinds out there. Most of them involved beautiful fall-colored foliage, but you can find fall-themed garland with pumpkins, sunflowers, acorns, pinecones, greenery, corn and so many more things you may have never thought about using to decorate fall wreaths before!

Fall wreath decorating supplies and ideas

Another thing I love about using garland for a wreath, is that you can buy extra to cut pieces of decor to place around your wreath as well. It is a cost-effective way of getting a variety of embellishments in one shot! Also, you can carry on a theme and use the same items from your garland in other house-decorating items such as centerpieces, fireplace mantel decor, banister decor and more! Carry on your fall decorating ideas throughout the house!

fall wreath making ideas

You can find a variety of fall-themed garlands right here on Amazon. Just make sure you get enough for the project you are planning! You wouldn't want to run out.

10. Berry Garland For Fall Wreaths

You can also add pops of color by wrapping some gorgeous berry garland around your wreath. This would look gorgeous on a burlap wreath!

Fall wreath making supplies and ideas

Find more berry garland here on Amazon

11. Mini Artificial Pumpkins For Fall Wreath Decorating

You can find these adorable mini artificial pumpkins on Amazon in shades of orange and white, but who is to say you can't also paint them in the colors you want? I love painting pumpkins and gold and copper seem to find their way into my selection quite often. But the sky is the limit if you do want to paint your pumpkins! Paint images, patterns and more!

Fall wreath decorating supplies and ideas

Find more artificial pumpkins for wreaths on Amazon here

12. Artificial Acorns For Fall Wreath Ideas

Little details can make a wreath come alive. Add realistic looking acorns for that harvest fall theme! These would probably adhere best using your hot glue. And don't forget, if you are looking for a certain color theme, you can paint these acorns any color you want!

Wreath making supplies

14. Sunflowers For Fall Wreaths

Adding sunflowers to your fall wreath will add a gorgeous pop of yellow color, sure to invoke a sense of warm autumn sunshine. I love sunflowers, My garden is full of them and I have bouquets all over my house in the lat summer and fall in mason jars. There is just something so beautiful about them!

Fall wreath decorating ideas

Find a great selection of silk sunflowers on Amazon here

If you are looking for smaller sunflowers to adorn your fall wreath, just head back into the world of garland again. You can cut individual, small sunflowers off of your garland and place strategically onto your wreath. Just make sure you double-check the size of the sunflowers in the wreath, in the product description.

Find sunflower garland on Amazon here

14. Silk Flowers To Adorn A Fall Wreath

If you are looking for color theme inspiration, all you have to do is see the selection of fall silk flowers on Amazon. Swoon!!!

Fall wreath supplies

The colors, the combination of colors, the sprays, the flowers... I have so many ideas inspired from this simple search haha! These gorgeous silk peonies pictured below come in a variety of colors. I think they are just gorgeous.

Flowers to decorate fall wreath

15. Floral Swag To Decorate Part Of A Fall Wreath

Have you ever seen a wreath that has its decor on only a portion of the wreath? Maybe on the top or off to the side of the wreath and they have really cute wooden words saying "Hello Fall" on the bottom opposite. I think this is a really cute style, especially if you are making your fall wreath using the grapevine-style wreath base.

Fall floral swag for a wreath

Wreath floral decorations

The choices of swags are endless on Amazon. Have a look at the many different styles and colors right here.

16. Fall Wreath Bows

Ok, there is some serious talent out there when it comes to wreath bows. It is an art form on its own! But if you are not skilled in that area, fear not. You can buy wreath bows on Amazon for a super great price.

Fall wreath bows on Amazon

Find a variety of fall wreath bows on Amazon here

17. Fall Wreath Lights

Having battery-operated fairy lights peeking out through your wreath in the evening is such a pretty way to accent your fall decor. I love this string of fairy lights from Amazon. The glow of the light is a warm white even though they are LED lights, which will keep that warm feeling you are going for.

Warm white wreath lights

I also like that the color of the wire is copper as opposed to a black, green or white making them less obvious. Plus you can't go wrong at this price.

Check price of wreath lights on Amazon

18. Gold Leaf Ribbon For Wreath Trim

Metallic accents add a touch of sparkle while maintaining that warm glow of fall. That is why we love this gold leaf ribbon. You can add as much as you want, or weave it through your wreath for hints of gold shimmer throughout.

Gold leaf wreath accents

Check price of gold leaf wreath trim on Amazon here

19. Red Apple Wreath Accents For Fall

If you are looking to add splashes of red, apples are a great way to do so. Grab some small, artificial apples from Amazon here. Nothing screams fall harvest more than apples! Plus, this would be great if you are making this for a teacher in your life!

wreath decorating supplies

21. Cotton To Accent A Fall Wreath

I love the way natural cotton looks on a branch. It is just so soft and lovely. There is just something so farmhouse-beautiful about stems of cotton! Adding a few springs to a wreath would add a really different touch, especially if you are going for more muted colors.

Fall wreath decorating ideas and supplies

Find cotton on Amazon for your wreath right here

If you are an Amazon shopper and are interested in purchasing any of the products we mentioned above from Amazon, here's a coupon from us for an Amazon Prime Free Trial, which gives you FREE and fast delivery on Prime Products! Try it for 30 days on us at no charge.

Well, we hope you were inspired by our fall wreath post! And please be sure to share your fall wreath with us, we may just feature it on one of our social media platforms! We absolutely love seeing your creativity. Thanks for visiting, and be sure to pin any image to your favorite fall Pinterest board! We would appreciate that.

Fall Wreath Ideas And Supplies

Happy creating!

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