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9 BEST Face Masks To Buy Online | Handmade, N95 Equivalent & More

where to buy face masks online

Are you looking for face masks to purchase online? We have gone through some shops and listings to help with your search. We have many options of face masks in this list to help you choose what type of mask is best for you. We have found some Etsy sellers in the USA and also Canada that make handmade face masks. If you are looking for an N95 equivalent mask, we have some options for you as well from a professional manufacturer.

Please note: Handmade face masks are not to replace certified medical grade masks.

Best Face Masks To Buy Online

We have found these sellers on Etsy who have a great customer feedback rating. These shops are also making their face masks from scratch. During this time, sellers are having a hard time keeping up with orders so if any of these sellers are sold out, you can either message them for a possible custom order or you can do a general search on Etsy for masks here. Just be sure to read the feedback of the stores you are looking at because when we were doing our research, we found some shops that did not have good quality masks.

Handmade Face Masks In The USA | Etsy

1. TheGarterGirl | Handmade Masks With Free Shipping To USA

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These masks are made in the USA and come in several sizes and styles. This seller has an excellent feedback rating and their buyers are mentioning that these handmade masks are really good quality and that they are receiving their orders pretty quickly.

handmade masks online etsy

2. RoseSoma | Cotton Face Masks With Filter Pocket

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This shop offers cotton face masks that are made from scratch with many fabric styles to choose from. They make their masks with a stretchy knit strap that fits comfortably around the ears.

best face masks to purchase online handmade

3. TheFuzzyFirefly | Triple Thick Handmade Face Masks

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This boutique has been offering handmade items from their shop for many years and has an excellent feedback rating. They offer washable face masks with triple layers made from durable cotton. They have many sizes of face masks to choose from their drop-down menu.

best handmade face mask sellers

Handmade Face Masks In Canada | Etsy

4. SweetassDesigns2 | Handmade Face Masks With Flannel Lining

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This Etsy shop from Vancouver offers handmade face makes in many stylish colors and designs. These face masks are made from cotton flannel lining and spandex. Their customers are raving about their quality and super fast shipping.

where to buy face masks online

5. JamiesQuilting | Handmade Face Masks With Cotton Ear Loops

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This shop offers a variety of handmade items and has reusable face masks for adults in many sizes. Their masks are made with two layers of fabric allowing the user to insert a filter. If you are sensitive to anything on your ears, you might like that the loops are also made from cotton quilting fabric making them more comfortable than elastic.

where to buy face masks online

6. LilGreenAcornApparel | Handmade Face Masks With Contour Note Clips

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This shop offers a wide variety of face masks with free shipping over $35. They offer masks in many sizes and also different kinds of fabric styles to choose from. They make their masks with 100% cotton and lined with a 400 thread count sheeting material. These masks also have rubberized metal nose clips that bend to contour the shape of your nose to give you a better fit.

where to buy face masks online

Face Masks On Amazon

7. iHeartRaves | Bandana Face Masks

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If you are looking for a simple face mask, you might like a bandana style mask. These face masks are made from microfiber polyester and will accommodate most head sizes. These masks are good for keeping dust away especially when you are doing some sweeping outside.

best face masks on amazon

8. Half Face Respirator | Parcil Distribution

If you are looking for a very comfortable half mask, then this T-60 N95 equivalent mask might be what you are looking for. These masks are designed to protect from inhaling non-oil based particles. They are good for grinding, sanding and health protection. Parcil Distribution offers many types of masks that you can purchase online and they come with a warranty.

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best face masks to buy online


9. Full Respirator Face Masks | Parcil Distribution

When you are searching for full respirator masks, you are looking for one that is safe and meets the proper guidelines of the N95 or N95 equivalent rating. These masks by Parcil Distribution meet all of the safety requirements. 

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best face masks to purchase online



Try making your own face mask by watching a tutorial. This YouTube video shows you how to make your own face mask at home. Share the love.

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