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BEST Gifts For MEN Who Have EVERYTHING | Unique Gifts For Guys

Gift Ideas For Men Who Have Everything

If you are looking for some serious inspiration for gift ideas for men who have everything, you have come to the best place!

We sat down and came up with the best gift ideas for men who have everything. This gift idea list was thoughtfully put together with the absolute best and most unique gifts men that you won't see anywhere else.

Let's get right into it.


Here are the BEST gifts for the man who has it all.


You can't go wrong with wood when looking for gift ideas for men. This gift idea is unique and will look really great on his wall. Check out this Wooden Map!
Best Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

This is totally a really cool gift idea to give the man in your life for any occasion. He can push pins into places he has been to and places he wants to visit!

Best Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

This map is made in the Ukraine and is bought through Etsy. It has AMAZING reviews and 6 beautiful contrasting shades of wood creating a rich depth of tones. You can also order flag push pins through the Etsy store as well!

Check the prices of the Wooden Map on Etsy here


Getting a gift for a man from Jacob Bromwell is an exceptional idea for the man who has it all. The company has been around since 1819 and is still proudly USA-made and crafted.

Fine products from Jacob Bromwell have been staples in many kitchens and homes and they stand the test of time with amazing lifetime guarantees.

Best Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

This round copper flask is made from pure copper in a Vermont workshop by talented Jacob Bromwell artisans. It is made in small batches (not mass produced) and is heirloom quality, something the man in your life will appreciate. It has a copper screw top and is hand soldered.

Best Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

If you are interested in this flask, I highly recommend watching the video of how it is made. "A piece of metal really becomes a piece of art in the end" (The head coppersmith at Jacob Bromwell).

Watch the video on their website here.

Check price of all Jacob Bromwell copper flasks here


This is a gift I get for my husband once in a while. It is a seriously awesome gift idea for men who have everything. So long as he is a man who eats meat!

What I love about this gift subscription, is that you don't have to commit to a year. You can try it for a month or two, or three of four... And you can decide how often it comes. For example, you might get a 4-month subscription but only have it delivered once every two months so he gets 2 boxes total. It is super customizable this way.

I prefer to get 1-year subscriptions for my husband as gifts because I know the quality and how great these boxes are. This is something he truly appreciates.

Best Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

There are some different boxes to choose from, I always grab the Classic Box and he has always been thrilled with it. I personally, highly recommend this gift idea for the men in your life! Especially if he is hard to buy for, this one's a winner!

Check prices of Carnivore Club Gift Boxes here


I love this idea as a gift for a man who has everything. I bet he doesn't have this! I got a custom star map for my husband, it showed the constellations and where the stars were on the date we met. It's a really thoughtful gift to give someone!

Give him a star map of what the sky looked like on the night he was born, when he met someone special or on the day something really great happened to him.

Best Gift Ideas For Men Who Have Everything

You simply head to Online Star Map, search the location of where he was when his special date happened, choose the date and go from there!

It's pretty neat!

Best Gift Ideas For Men Who Have Everything


This is a really cool gift that I am positive he doesn't have yet. Check out these laser cut wood cutouts of cities! These are made in the Etsy store 1Man1Garage and he has thousands of amazing reviews.

Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

The maps are just the start of the 1Man1Garage Etsy store, be sure to check out their collection of handmade, unique wood art pieces!

Check Prices On Etsy Here


Here is a great gift idea for the man who has everything. Get him a craft beer lover gift set from Brooklyn Brew Shop! 

In making this gift set, Brooklyn Brew Shop collaborated with two of the world's most exciting breweries (Evil Twin & BrewDog) to scale down their most popular beers so the DIYer could re-create in their own kitchen.

This craft beer kit includes:

  • 1 Evil Twin Bikini Beer Making Kit
  • 1 BrewDog Punk IPA Beer Making Mix
  • 1 Beer Tasting Set
  • 1 Brooklyn Brew Shop's Make Some Beer Book
  • 1 Beer Bottle Set
  • 1 Capper & Caps
  • 1 No-Rinse Sanitizer

That's quite a lot of supplies for a super great price!

Gift Ideas For Men Who Have Everything

Check Price Of Craft Beer Lover Gift Set Here

Brooklyn Brew Shop is a really neat company who specialize in DIYing many different kinds of kits. From their many beer-making kits to cider making kits, sparkling winemaking kits and even DIY kombucha, they are worth checking out!

Gift Ideas For Men Who Have Everything

Check out the selection of gifts for men who have everything at Brooklyn Brew Shop here


My husband bought me the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset last year and I had to get a specific laptop to support VR gameplay and I really have to say that this is the BEST gift I ever got.

It's really enjoyable and you can experience amazing virtual reality games with it. But since then, Oculus has upgraded.

Gifts Ideas For Men Who Have Everything
Oculus released a new virtual reality headset where everything you need is IN the headset. No new computer needed, simply put it on your head, get the handsets on and play.

The computer components are literally in the headset in this upgrade, making it an easy gift to buy. This new version of the Oculus is wireless, so no tripping over cords when you are moving around your space/walking in your VR world.

The one I have is the Oculus Rift, but has now been upgraded to the Oculus Quest.

If you are shopping for a gift for the man who has everything, this is something he would not expect! Plus, anyone can enjoy virtual reality as the variety of games that are out there to download are vast and expansive in genres. From experience-like games such as flying, sky-diving, scuba-diving to art games (imagine creating art in virtual reality you can walk around!) to exploring cities, fantasy games, and meditation experiences.

Best Gifts For Men Who Have Everything


You can get this gift right from Amazon, and you typically can't beat their prices.

There is the Oculus Quest 64GB and the Oculus Quest 128GB. That basically means how many games you can store. I say the more storage the better and personally recommend going with the 128GB.

Check price of Oculus Quest 64GB on Amazon here

Check price of Oculus Quest 128GB on Amazon here


This is a gorgeous and very thoughtful gift idea that he will surely love. And of course, this is a gift the man in your life doesn't have! You can have it personalized just for him, making it a one of a kind!

Choose from a variety of different color wood stains, then choose your design options: do you want names? Monograms? What font? Any images you would like added? See the selection you can choose from at RockCreekFurnitureCo on Etsy right here.

Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers

They also have a selection of charcuterie trays, coasters, wine barrel trays and more. Be sure to check them out!

Check price of these custom wooden serving trays on Etsy here


Does he love cheese?? (Who doesn't?!) Well, Beecher's is a famous authentic cheese company located in Seattle's historic Pike Place Market and in New York's Flatiron district. They feature foods that are free of artificial flavor enhancers, artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, and hydrogenated oils. Their cheese is made from fresh, pure local milk and is made by talented cheese makers who apply traditional cheese-making methods.

Gift Ideas For Men Who Have Everything

Check price of World's Best Mac & Cheese Kit From Beecher's here


My husband is a whiskey drinker, and this is something I know he would personally love. Advanced Mixology has some seriously unique decanters that can sit on his counter when not in use and just look amazing.
There are two decanters that we are in love with on this website:

The Tomoka Class With Oak Base Liquor & Wine Decanter

Best Gift Ideas For Men

This decanter looks like a glass oak wine barrel with a hand-blown ship inside. This is one of the coolest decanters we have seen and is definitely a show-off piece! It can hold up to 1000ml of wine, whiskey or any other beverage he likes best.

Diamond Shaped Glass Liquor & Wine Crystal Decanter

Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

Another super cool decanter that he would love is this diamond shaped liquor decanter. A statement piece in his liquor cupboard, this decanter can hold his favorite spirit - up to 1000ml of it too. If Advanced Mixology actually has these in stock and you want one, be sure to add it to your cart. These decanters are made in small batches by their master craftsman so they can only supply a fraction of the demand.

Check availability of the Diamond Shaped Decanter right here

We hope you found some unbelievable gift ideas f the man in your life. We put a lot of time into finding these truly amazing gift ideas. Please save out Pin below to your gift idea Pinterest board, as we always update our gift guides! 

Happy shopping!

Gift Ideas For Men Who Have Everything

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