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Cookie Flooding Ideas | Best Online Cookie Decorating Classes

how to make royal icing sugar cookies

Cookie flooding is a fun and popular trend that makes the best looking (and tasting) sugar cookies. There are many ways to flood cookies and decorate them, but many people are not sure where to start. We are here to help you with that!


Have you always wanted to try your hand at flooding icing to decorate sugar cookies? Well, we spent a pleasant morning and afternoon watching some of the best sugar cookie classes and tutorials out there that teach you how to flood cookies and make sugar cookies with royal icing. We have gathered up some of the best online cookie decorating courses.

These sugar cookie decorating classes teach you everything from beginner cookie flooding to advanced methods on how to flood sugar cookies. To get your sugar cookies perfect, first, you have to start out with the right recipe for your cookies then make royal icing in different consistencies for the flooding.

Once you learn how to make the perfect cookie and how to flood it properly, you will have that skill for life and you will be flooding cookies like a professional baker. How exciting!

All of this and more are in these tutorials that you can take online with some amazing instructors over at bluprint. Enjoy!


1. Smart Cookies | Better Faster & More Efficient Decorating

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In this sugar cookie decorating class you will discover the secrets of making professional looking cookies right from home. Expert cookie decorator Anne Yorks shares her best clever cookie decorating tips and tricks to help simplify and enhance the quality of your cookie decorating skills. This is a great cookie decorating class for beginners.

best cookie flooding tutorials

2. Better Basics For Exceptional Cookies

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If you are ready to push yourself to cookie decorating perfection and master basic design techniques then this cookie class is for you. Cookie artist Stephanie Kappel breaks down a variety of cookie decorating techniques like piping and flooding. She also teaches you how to pipe smooth lines, dots, and lettering.

best cookie flooding tutorials

3. Sweet Elegance | 16 Cookie Decorating Techniques

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In this cookie decorating class you will learn how to create designs, texture, and color with professional decorator Amber Spiegel. She takes you step by step, first teaching you how to achieve the perfect consistency for royal icing for different types of decorating. Then you will learn how to transfer eyelet lace and other patterns onto cookies.

If you have ever wondered how to antique your cookies with gold or bronze, you will learn how in this cookie flooding tutorial. And she has the best tutorial on how to make rose accents with the wet-on-wet technique.

best cookie flooding tutorials

4. Cookie Pop Presentations | Bouquets & More

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If you want to create over the top flooded cookie designs and showcase them in a way that will blow everyone's mind then take this class. Mallory Mae shows you how to make your cookie pops the star of the show. You will learn how to make colorful designs that are unique and amazing.

This cookie class will teach you everything from how to insert skewers into the cookies, the best way to display your cookies by telling a story, and how to flood cookies with behind the scenes secrets from the pros.

how to make sugar cookies with royal icing

5. Piping Cookies That Pop

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Another fun and detailed cookie flooding and decorating tutorial by pro decorator, Mallory Mae. In this cookie decorating tutorial you will learn how to create 15 cookie designs that are inspired by comic books, nature, art nouveau, and more. She teaches how to use stencils for your cookie decorating and also how to make fabric textures and filigrees.

how to decorate flooding cookies tutorial

6. Celebrate With Cookies | 19 Favorite Designs

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In this cookie flooding tutorial you will learn how to make and flood cookies for your next party, baby shower, craft show, or wedding. Anne Yorks shares easy methods to help get your cookies perfect for when you need to make an amazing treat. Her cookie flooding techniques are super easy to learn and you will be making the best flooded cookies in no time at all.

how to flood cookies and ideas

7. Cookie Decorating Season By Season

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Ann Yorks teaches you how to make cookies for all seasons. If you love to make themed cookies, then you will love this class. We especially love her spring cookies with white flooding icing and pretty pink roses and the sweetest little Christmas cookies with Rudolph and snowmen.

You will learn how to work with color for cookie flooding and give you ideas on how to use fonts so that you can add words to your cookies.

cookie flooding ideas to try

8. Creative Techniques For Endless Cookies

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Professional cookie decorator Georganne Bell teaches cookie decorating tips like how to transform a simple exclamation point into a person. And what we really love about this cookie flooding tutorial is ways that you can use cutters that are already in your cookie decorating stash by modifying them for new ideas.

best cookie decorating ideas9. Decorating Essentials | Designer Cookies

Watch Cookie Class Preview

In this cookie flooding tutorial, you will learn how to make flawlessly iced sugar cookies with the right type of royal icing consistency. If you are just learning how to make flooding sugar cookies, this is the tutorial to start out with.

This online class with Autumn Carpenter will show you everything you need to know about baking a perfect sugar cookie. Then you will go on to making the proper royal icing consistency and then decorating tips and techniques.

how to make sugar cookies and flood them with royal icing

10. 21 Techniques For Playful Cookies

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Amber Spiegel shares her decorating and flooding techniques to help you make the best cookies for craft shows, parties, and more. She takes you step by step to show you how to blend royal icing for an incredibly smooth surface. And then how to paint directly onto the wet icing to bring your designs to life.

You will learn how to make metallic and chalkboard finishes and how to use sprinkles in creative ways.

best cookie flooding ideas


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We hope you found this list of sugar cookie decorating classes helpful. Please save a Pin so you can find us again.

how to make sugar cookies with royal icing

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