Best Gifts For The Bread Maker: Tools, Ideas & Storage Solutions

November 07, 2018

Best gifts and gift ideas for the bread maker and bread baker

Bread-making is a wonderful way to de-stress while doing something productive that everyone can come together and enjoy. There is nothing quite like the smell of bread baking in the oven. Whether it is rye bread, a sweet bread or the classic sourdough, this is a hobby that can grow into whatever you want it to become. 

This bread makers supply guide is great for anybody: whether you are just starting out or are wanting to start making bead, to someone who has been doing it for a little while, or someone who has been baking bread for years and is looking for new bread baking ideas. We have made this list for every level of bread-making expertise!

Here is what you need to start making bread

So let's start by asking, do you, or does someone in your life fall into one of these three categories:

  1. The Bread Novice, with the dream of bread making. You may hear the bread dreamer say things such as: "Ya, that is something I have always wanted to do. I just haven't gotten into it yet!"

  2. The Occasional Loafer. This bread maker uses a bread machine or makes it by hand, and can often be heard in the midst of conversational quips stating: "Oh, I love homemade bread! I'm going to host a dinner soon and make sure there is a fresh loaf on the table!"

  3. The Master Bread Making Guru. This yeasty bread master can be found in the kitchen at ALL times. They have sourdough starter in the fridge sleeping...and have proudly "had it for years!"

Well, we have plenty of gift ideas for bread bakers in our gift guide for any and all of these bread makers and bread baker wannabes! Baking bread can be as easy as you want it to be and no matter which level you are at, a warm, fresh out of the oven loaf is soooo rewarding. So let's dive into these gift ideas together! These are good gifts for bakers or anyone who has asked for cooking gifts as well.

Here we go!! I will start at the "novice" level, and work my way up from there!



Let's start with a bread machine for the bread maker. I purchased this exact Cuisinart Bread Machine in 2008. I can still remember the day actually haha. This little machine is what started me on my bread maker journey! Here is a funny story, my little bread maker actually got accidentally sold one year in a garage sale. I was devastated. Honest mistake by one "innocent" unmentioned husband... However, I loved this machine so much, I went and bought the exact. same. one. I recommend this bread maker as a great cooking gift for anyone!

bread machine

I like this bread machine for a bread maker's gift because of many reasons, but I love how it is so user friendly and easy. It can make three different sizes: 1lb, 1.5lb. and 3lb loaves. The recipes are great, my favorites include the beer bread, lemon poppy seed loaf (not quite a "bread" I guess but is sooo yummy) and the focaccia loaf, which makes the dough for you, then you take the dough out, form it into long loaves on a pan, slice for indentation marks (aesthetics) and bake. (The focaccia was my favorite to make for company, it is just picture perfect when it comes out on the pans and is absolutely fantastic with some bread dippers!!)

This bread maker can also make pizza dough, sweet breads, stuffing for Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey and regular loaves. The best part is that you can start the bread machine and go on with your day and come back to HOMEMADE BREAD! Done!!


Adding these amazing bread dipping oils by Papa Vince as an add-on gift for a bread baker is an excellent cooking gift idea. These oils come straight from Sicily, Italy and are amazing. They are made by a local family using fresh, local fruit in Sicily, and are made with their own family recipes! You will need to read the reviews on these bread dipper oils to believe me. And someone please put these in my stocking this Christmas!

best bread dipping oils



A kitchen scale is a very necessary tool for bread making at all experience levels, and makes a really nice looking bread makers gift that can be kept on the counter. This is also great for anyone who loves to cook in general. It is hard to accurately measure a dry ingredient in a measuring cup, and when you are making bread, it is all chemistry. So you will need to be very accurate in all of your measurements! That is why measuring by weight will give you accurate numbers and even more accurate, predictable results.

great kitchen scale

This kitchen scale by Ozeri is both sleek in design and is easy to use. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to choose from! There is red, silver, lime green, a classic black, but I personally love the teal one. I love adding pops of color to a kitchen through really pretty and uniquely-colored kitchen tools!!


Now, getting more into the hands-on bread making tools, your bread baker is going to love how much easier things are with a danish dough whisk. This is the tool that will be used to blend the ingredients together before you throw that bread on the counter to knead! I bought this tool as a bread making gift for my husband years ago for his sourdough bread making, and this is not a tool that is just an add on. It sees use! 

 Best bread making tool the danish dough whisk


These sure are handy to have around! The dough scraper we like is this one by Spring Chef. This pastry scraper comes as a combo with a dough cutter, also handy for dividing dough. We like that this one has a handy measurement converter right on it, and it even comes with a lifetime warranty! Now how about that. 

dough scraper best for bread


What a name for such a useful tool!!! Not lame at all. We think this is a great gift idea for a bread baker or bread maker. This bread lame is anything but! It is very handy, and you may wonder, why don't I just use a knife? Well, if your knife is not sharp enough to split a hair, it won't fare very well for slicing rivets into the top of your loaf to make that loaf sooo pretty. You truly need something of razorblade sharpness to make those slices in the dough. Use at your own risk- please be careful when using sharp tools as your cooking and baking accessories.

Best bread lame

When you slice your bread dough after it has risen, it creates those beautiful cut lines you see in artisan loaves such as baguettes and focaccia. If your knife is not sharp enough like a razor blade, it could deflate the dough in spots if it catches the sticky, doughy substance. This tool is made for slicing those beautiful rivets in your loaves to have your bread looking like a thing of beauty.


A bread proofing basket is also a very handy tool and gift idea for the bread baker! The dough will not stick to the basket as it is rising, so long as you remember to not wash this basket ever. It is made for bread proofing and should never get wet. To clean, tap upside down over your sink or garbage and get any flour out. 

great bread proofing basket

TIP: You can take this basket and fill with some of the items we have listed above, and then if you can get some different size mason jars to fill with different kinds of flour, then, you can wrap it all with cellophane and give as a gift basket! Can't you just picture it with a nice red plaid or burlap bow?? This would be a really great bread makers gift idea!!! 


Needed for accuracy. When every minute counts, you want that loaf to come out perfect, and every oven is different. That is why it is good for your cooking time to be a guideline. Your bread will be done when it reaches a certain internal temperature, and you can check with a bread thermometer.

best bread thermometer

Add this tool on as a gift for the bread maker. And if you are going for a colored theme, this bread-making kitchen tool matches the kitchen scale listed above! 



I have been cooking my bread in one of these for many years now, and love it. It is made out of red clay, so when the cooking bread releases moisture, it stays inside the Romertopf and does not escape. This helps your bread develop that that beautiful brown, crispy crust that sometimes is achieved by spritzing water on your baking loaf!

Plus, this beauty is versatile and you can really cook anything in it! We love to use ours to cook fish in as well! Any bread maker will fall in love with this piece, and we HIGHLY recommend using it as a great gift for a bread maker or bread baker. Plus, it is really gorgeous to display! We keep most of our bread-making tools inside the Romertopf so they are all together, including our bread lame and extra blades, thermometer, whisk and dough scraper. Just make sure to keep out of reach from your kids if you decide to do the same. 

Romertopf clay bread pan



If the person you are buying for is a bread making guru, then this is a bread making gift that they NEED to have. They are probably making bread quite often and are constantly looking for something to keep it in. These natural linen bread bags by Bread Story are a great option to store bread in and are so cute!

bread storage bags

Bread is the food that brings us together. It is comforting, delicious and is great for dipping, with butter, in soup, with pasta, as a bowl for chili and so many other things. What many people don't know (who are not *yet* bread makers), is the joy that comes with making bread from scratch. It is honestly like therapy.

I hope you enjoy this list and you have a great time picking out the best items for that bread maker (or dreamer) in your life! And if you want to come back to this post and find it again, be sure to PIN one of the above pictures NOW to a PINTEREST BOARD so you can come back and read again LATER! We would appreciate that!

best gift ideas for people who love to make bread

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