Studio Tour with Jennifer McGuire

Studio Tour

We all dream of it. Our own personal happy space full to the rim of our favorite supplies and craft eye candy. Jennifer McGuire's space make us swoon! She's the queen of card making & and she knows how to keep her supplies organized. Here's a behind the scenes tour of one of the most beautiful craft rooms we have seen.

Jennifer McGuire Ink Craft Room Tour

Jennifer says "I want to mention that everyone’s craft space is different. Their needs are different. And that is ok! Do what works for YOU and don’t get hung up on what works for others. This is supposed to be YOUR happy space. Also please remember that this is what I do for a living, so it has to be uber-organized and well-stocked – because that is what works best for ME and my work."

Jennifer McGuire Ink Craft Room Tour

Jennifer McGuire Ink Craft Room Tour

Jennifer McGuire Ink Craft Room Tour

Watch Jennifer's video. She has some amazing storage ideas to share. And don't forget to visit Jennifer's YouTube Channel for more ideas for your card making adventures.

Do you have any tips for us on how to stay organized? We read all comments and can't wait to see your very best tips. Be sure to link your website below.



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    Thanks for your comment Debbie! We love her room too. Sending lots of crafty love ♥ and thanks for being here with us today.

  • Debbie on

    New to scrapbooking. I love your room.

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