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Look at your hands. How do they look and feel? When is the last time you gave them a good exfoliation? With all of the crafting and washing that we do all day, our hands get dry and cracked and don't feel that great do they? Keeping your hands soft and healthy looking starts with exfoliation & skin softening oils. Our hands are our very best tools, treat them well.

Sophie shows us how we can make a scrub using what we might already have in our kitchen. We love this salt scrub tutorial because you can add or replace ingredients to make it perfect for you. When we tried her tutorial, our lab was filled with the most amazing smelling fresh mint & lemon aromas and it really brightened up our day. Our scrub is pictured below and look how wonderful it turned out! Thank you Sophie!

DIY Fresh Mint Salt Scrub For Dry Hands - Make Your Own Body Scrub -

Sophie mentions "The amount of each ingredient will depend on the size of your container. I really encourage you to go with your gut. My one tip is: When in doubt, go slow on the olive oil. You can always add more, but it’s hard to get out :)"

Sophie Uliano is a New York times Best selling Author, and Green/Healthy Living advocate. Sophie has shared her Gorgeously Green lifestyle tips, DIY's and How-to's on many National TV shows including Oprah, The View, and Good Morning America.


Sea Salt

Olive Oil

Fresh mint

Lemon Zest

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Spearmint Essential Oil

A mason jar (or similar)

If you try this tutorial please let us know how it went below in the comments and tag our Instagram. We read all comments and can't wait to see who tries this hand scrub DIY tutorial. If you have suggestions on ingredients to add in be sure to let us know so we can all try new things!





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